The New Man Movement Will Change The Society Through Media – Nelson Vincent

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The New Man Movement is a gospel media platform that wants to change the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ via media. It was established some years ago by a group of youths in Ondo state and now have branches in different states of the federation. They will be celebrating 4 years anniversary for The New Man Writing Contest, a literary and Essay Writing Contest for students of secondary schools in Nigeria and in extension, Africa. InterviewStories got across to Vincent the president of the Movement who talked about what they do and how they are giving to the society.

Who are you?

I’m Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde, a lover of law and technology. I am privileged to be the President of the New Man Movement and as well, lead a team of smart staff at NELOC Media. I’m currently a final year law student at the Obafemi Awolowo University. NELOC Media is a digital marketing and branding agency. We offer services ranging through web development, social media management, Public Relations and digital marketing.

What do you do?

Flowing from my introduction earlier, I involve myself in projects that tie around law and media. I engage in content writing, basic website/blog creation and Public Relations. I fused law into my love for media into VineLegal, a recent project for the first fully online chambers in Nigeria.

VineLegal is a legal Resource Platform, specifically with a web application that we will soon launch. It is going to be the first fully online chambers in Nigeria. The platform seeks to connect the client to the counsel i.e layman to the lawyer. You can check the blog at

The New Man Movement Logo
The New Man Movement Logo

What is the New Man Movement?

The New Man Movement is a gospel media platform and a team of youthful individuals who hope to change society through the gospel of Christ on Media. One of the ways which we do this is through our yearly writing contest for students of secondary schools in Africa, The New Man Writing Contest.

Why study Law at the university and how has it helped you to be a better New Man Movement president?

Law for me came as my alternative to Journalism and Media. I began to believe that I could properly fuse law and Media together. As the New Man Movement is a Gospel “Media” organization, the tie comes in here. It has been evident in our four years of existence too.

How did the New Man Movement start?

The New Man Movement (being Gospel) started from a prayer session in my home church at Akure. We formed a team, most of whom are still members to date and aligned our programmes and projects. The Media came strongly for us with The New Man Writing Contest.

  • Founding Members of The New Man Movement
  • Members of The New Man Movement

Is the movement part of any denomination? Is the movement only for Christians?

The New Man Movement is not denomination based. Our membership cuts across many Christian bodies. While our membership is Christian based, our media projects are only handled by the best hands, whether Christian or not.

Where does the New Man Movement operate? Works of New Man Movement in the society?

The New Man Movement operates from our secretariat in Akure, Ondo State. We have New Man Clubs in a few states where our members reside. Apart from these location duties, we operate largely online via our website ( and social media platforms

Have the movement mission or dream being achieved?

At the moment, we can only record impact on what we have done and the comments we have received. I will say we have a Pass mark, but the target is never to stop until true change is actualised in our society.

How have you been managing the movement while studying?

It has not been so easy. However, I believe that humans are the basic composition of anything and not the building. I have been able to put this in our team members and tried to make them accountable over time.

What kind of positive change does the movement hope to achieve in society?

A change in idea systems, moral values and societal structures. We believe that as New Men, the ultimate aim is a new society with everything in the perfect place.

What are you celebrating and when is the celebration?

The past four years for us has been a mix of positives and negatives, but we have risen above them, especially as regards The New Man Writing Contest. In celebration, we are basically planning an in-house talk session. Proper details about general participation will be announced on our platforms soon.

What is The New Man Writing Contest about?

The New Man Writing Contest is a literary and Essay Writing Contest for students of secondary schools in Nigeria and in extension, Africa. It started as a belief that writing is a regenerative spirit and that through writing, the best revolutions are made. We, therefore, brought it up with the aim to comb out the forest of literary virginity in secondary school students.

Winner of a previous edition of The New Man Movement Writing Context
Winner of a previous edition of The New Man Movement Writing Context

 How many schools have participated so far? What is the benefit to participants?

 We have had participants from over two hundred schools in the last few years. The participants usually get published in the yearly collection of entries alongside an award recognition for winners and juicy writing deals. A good number of our past winners have worked with international and national literary journals based on their excellent writing. This year, we will be including cash prices to gifts to encourage more participation.

What should be expected from the New Man Movement in the nearest future?

The society should expect better programmes and projects. We have designed and put a measure to ensure that we carry out our programmes in the best ways to achieve ultimate results and reach our goals as an organisation. We can only get better.

How does one become a member of the movement?

To join the New Man Movement, simply send a mail to containing your name, contact details and a reason why you intend to join the New Man Movement. It follows with an interview after application for membership.

Will you like to say any other thing?

 I will like to encourage every individual to be the best in whatsoever thing they are involved in. It involves a conscious and deliberate effort and if we do, we just succeeded in building a community of new men.