Students Housing Solutions Agency Was Created To Prevent Students From Being Duped By Housing Agents

Eluwa Lucky, Director of Creazitiv Jingles- a Radio/TV jingle company

While many student entrepreneurs usually focus on ideas that are related to what they study in school, some take the extra effort to solve problems they have passion for. Lucky is one of these student entrepreneurs. Eluwa Lucky started STUHOSA with his team and have provided accommodation to many students in the University of Ibadan. InterviewStories met Lucky who talked about things he does and how he is contributing positively to the society.

Can we know you?

I am Eluwa Lucky, a native of Amafor Isingwu in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State am also currently a student in the Department of Music, Faculty of Art, University of Ibadan.

Am a songwriter, performer, jingle artiste and guitarist. I also profer housing solutions to students’ needs by working directly with landlords so as to give students who are in need of good accommodations within the University environs the best of service at an affordable rate.

The housing solutions for students was borne out of my passion to always provide solutions to problems wherever I find myself. Before deciding to start the Students Housing Solutions Agency (STUHOSA), I had seen how some students had been duped by some agents who collected so much money and ended up not even providing them with houses and this triggered the solutions proffering part of me. I started this agency to work directly with House owners on how best to offer students accommodation that would match their needs and still be affordable.

e. I started this agency to work directly with House owners on how best to offer students accommodation that would match their needs and still be affordable.

To the glory of God, I am also the Director of Creazitiv Jingles- a Radio/TV jingle company that creates both radio and TV jingles for corporate organizations, institutions, religious bodies and individuals for the purpose of advertisements, marketing and other needs. One major client of ours out of our numerous clientele is First City Monument Bank. Our jingles are created based on the client’s theme. After its creation, our clients have the legal rights to promote them on any platform. Our job is to create the jingles which are creative, simple and informative.

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Creazitiv Jingles

Why did you choose to study music at the University?

Right from my childhood days, I discovered not just my love for music but my ability to compose different kind of songs. This made me decide to come to school to develop what I already have because personally, I see the university as a place where one goes to develop his or her potentials and not just a place where you go to study any kind of course just for the sake of study.

Eluwa Lucky, a music student of the Department of Music, University of ibadan.
Eluwa Lucky, a music student of the Department of Music, University of Ibadan.

Tell us about the housing solutions you provide for students.

Students Housing Solutions Agency (STUHOSA) is still at its early stage. I started it with some students of the University of Ibadan who I shared the idea of providing solutions to problems faced by students in securing good accommodation with. They saw the passion and today we are proffering solutions together. It started in November 2018. We are not up to a year. Interested students who are passionate about proffering solutions to housing problems and have some experience on it are chosen irrespective of age, class, department amongst others.

For now, we cover the University of Ibadan. We are working to spread our tentacles to other schools before the year ends. We have provided accommodation for over 20 students at the University of Ibadan.

Once a prospective client contacts us and gives us a description of the kind of house that he or she wants, we match their preference with what is available. If it matches we take them to the house for evaluation. After that, payment is made and the tenancy agreement is signed. Students are our primary concern other clients are secondary.

We just don’t visit every house we see, the houses we visit are houses that must be students friendly and provide the conducive environment for students to live in and also to study. Our prices range from ₦45, 000- ₦160, 000. Pricing is dependent on the nature of the house, location and the features of the house.

What can make a student to forfeit his accommodation or partnership with your organization?

Just like Wizkid said in one of his songs “…bad energy go far away”. A student who begins to show attitudes that are against the law and laid down regulations would have to dissociate from us.

What problems do you face at Students Housing Solutions Agency?

One of the problems faced is the unavailability of many student-friendly houses. A lot of houses in Ibadan were built without having students in mind. If more student-friendly houses are built, it will solve that problem.

Do you also help students to get the equipment needed to live comfortably?

Yes, we do but that is secondary. Our primary motive is getting them good accommodations.

What are the reasons why students like to stay outside of school?

Based on our discovery, students like to stay outside school because of the privacy they get as living in hostels do not fully offer one the kind of privacy they need.

Some students also prefer to stay outside school so that they could have enough room to run whatever business they want to from their homes as this is always difficult from the hostels

Do you plan to continue with Students Housing Solutions Agency after school?

Yes, I do. By the grace of God, Students Housing Solutions Agency will be in almost all the university in the South West in 5years time.

Which one is more important to you music or Students Housing Solutions Agency?

Asking me to weigh both of them is like asking me to choose between my body and my soul.

Do you have investors currently?

We are in search of investors who will partner with us to build student friendly houses. This will further alleviate the sufferings of students seeking good accommodations.

Is Students Housing Solutions Agency for making profit or is it meant to solve only accommodation problems which is a society problem?

I would say that it is meant to solve accommodation problems and also make profit. This is because every great man today is wealthy for every problem they have solved. We do not place our properties above our clients who are students as their satisfaction is our priority.

How does one contact Students Housing Solutions Agency for accommodation?

Prospective clients can call our lines: 08104229693, 08080212978.

What do you wish to tell students?

Students should ensure that they consider factors like comfort, security, cleanliness among other factors when they search for houses. They should only deal with trusted agents of which Students Housing Solutions Agency is one of them.

Eluwa Lucky an entrepreneur making money from solving problems
Eluwa Lucky an entrepreneur making money from solving problems

What advice do you have for students who wish to venture into entrepreneurship while in school?

They are on the right track. Let’s be sincere with ourselves, Nigeria has nothing for you my fellow youths. Know this and you will avert a lot of disappointment for yourself as you would have made up your mind to start something for yourself. And lastly, just ad the Bible advises “Do not despise the days of little beginnings…”