NYSC Story Telling To Commence Soon

NYSC Headshot image

Ever wondered why service year is important in the life of an average graduate. It is because it is the year where most people get to know the direction they are going and what the real world looks like.

Graduates are mostly deployed to states they have never been before. Yet, while some can make it in their newfound state, others completely miss it. Is it because they are careless or less fortunate than others? The answer is NO!

A UIte graduate during service year
A UIte graduate during service year

We all need direction and gather little knowledge and experience from those who have performed an action before us. This is one of the reasons why InterviewStories will be starting an NYSC story segment soon. This segment will be open to all to tell about service year, how service year has contributed to their lives and also possibly mistakes to avoid during this important stage in one’s life.

To tell your NYSC story, click on I want to tell my NYSC story of InterviewStories to tell your story. The stories will be regularly published on our website www.interviewstories.org as soon as it is received. We will be glad to hear you say your own story during the days you spent in other parts of Nigeria.