NYSC Experience With Lolade Alonge

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an organization set up by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country. InterviewStories had earlier asked people who have participated in the scheme before or are currently participating to tell their stories on our platforms during this our NYSC story telling introduction.

InterviewStories got in touch with Lolade Esther who is currently an NYSC corps member. She talks about the background and her expectations from the scheme giving us an idea of what NYSC looks like. Today, Lolade Esther Alonge’s NYSC story is being told.


Lolade Esther ALONGE

The course of Study and School?

European Studies/ University of Ibadan.

NYSC Service State?

Ekiti State.

NYSC Registration Process Experience?

Camp life was quite stressful. Registration went smoothly, but moving from one position to another with my luggage wasn’t so nice. But, a dry cleaner later volunteered to help with my luggage while I completed the registration process (She became my official dry cleaner throughout my stay in the camp at Ise-Orun Emure Ekiti).

Corps member at NYSC orientation camp at Ise-Orun/Emure Ekiti
Lolade Alonge at the permanent NYSC orientation camp at Ise-Orun/Emure Ekiti

How was life in camp?

The early morning wake up bugle, meditation, competitions, Lectures and all were all part of the drills, and it was fun and enlightening. I met new people, picked up the Hausa language from the Hausa corps members and even learnt to be a security guard, manning the gate to the camp with some few corps members. Was also the Director of Socials for my platoon (6 platoons), and we won 6 competitions of the about 10 conducted during the camp. Winning was cool and fun, and when we lost, we celebrated together too. All in all, life in NYSC camp for those three weeks taught me a lot of life lessons

Your Expectations About NYSC before going for service?

Well, I guess the NYSC has lost its primary focus. Imagine me being from the Southwest, schooled in the Southwest, and was still posted to the Southwest. I didn’t redeploy or “work” my posting and was posted to Ekiti State right from the beginning. I picked states like Rivers and Adamawa but wasn’t posted there. So it was from Ondo State to Oyo State to Ekiti State. Shattered my dreams of picking the Hausa language during my service year. This didn’t stop me from learning a few things from the Hausa corps members posted to Ekiti State though.

Lolade Alonge NYSC picture
Lolade Alonge during a general CDS at the Pavilion in Ado Ekiti

Your NYSC Experience?

Serving in the Ekiti State University, I have been able to build more muscle in the aspect of working with people who are not from my generation, and has helped to learn a lot on how to relate with them. Also, dealing with students who are sometimes younger or even way older than I am has helped me to brush up on public speaking and getting to carry everyone along irrespective of what generation they belong to. Thanks to NYSC, I have made more friends in 5 months, than I have in 4 years of being a student.

Skills Acquired During Service Year?

Currently, I am learning to be a fashion designer including the drills of cutting and sewing. Also, taking a professional course in project management. Also, I will begin my lecture on playing the drums sometime within my 6th month in service. So far so good. I believe I am more employable now than I was 6 months ago.

Your NYSC Story in a sentence?

I believe by the time I am done with my service year, the summary of the 12 months will be, my country served me well while I was serving her.

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