My Mission For University of Ibadan By Ayo Fatoki

Ayo Fatoki,a student of Department of Early Childhood and Educational Foundations

Ayo Fatoki is a student of the University of Ibadan aspiring to be the next House Secretary of the University of Ibadan Students Union. He is a student leader and has held different offices or positions in different associations at the University of Ibadan. He strongly believes every student should vote for him as the next House Secretary in the coming Students Union election that is scheduled for November 23, 2019, and why he deserves students vote. Here is the interview InterviewStories had with him and what he has to say.

Can we meet you?

My name is Fatoki Ayomide David, a 300Level student from the Department of Early Childhood and Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan. I’m a Katangite, and the current Social Director of NUESA UI.

Why study Early Childhood and Educational Foundations?

I’m into the Study of Education because I like impacting in people’s lives. And impacting knowledge to me is a great achievement. I chose Early Childhood Education because of the natural love and affection I’ve for Children.

What are your achievements as the social director of Faculty of Education?

As we all know, the first semester is not the social semester. With the help of God Almighty, Support from the Faculty management, fellow Executives and Educators at large. A first-ever Fresher’s welcome party tagged Freshers Frolic was organised for Fresh students through my office. It featured music, dance competitions, games, Rap battle and the first-ever Mr and Miss fresher contest.

Also, I’ve participated actively in other programmes organized by Other Executives which includes:

  1. The Fresher’s Orientation program.
  2. The General Sanitation which held in the Faculty during the NASU strike.
  3. Broadcasting of vital Information to Educators via WhatsApp.
  4. A Day Google Training Organized for Educators.
  5. Pre-Exam talk with the Faculty management for Fresh students. And lots more.

I’m also a member of the All purpose/Special Events Committee in the Faculty of Education, and we organized the last world Teachers day celebration program which held at the Faculty LLT on the 5th of October.

Why are you aspiring for a position at UI SU level and what makes you think you are qualified for it?

Coupled with my Passion to serve UItes, I’ve held positions that have thrown me into the wider student life the University offers and these roles have given me a huge breadth of experiences in many aspects. I chose the office of the House Secretary simply because the roles attached to the office suits my personality. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve held positions related to the Welfare of Students.

As a 100level student, I was a class representative, I had and still have a very good relationship with my mates. 200level, I was a tutor at the Faculty Level (I taught my juniors in 100Level), I was also a member of the Faculty Legislative Council and I represented the interest of my mates. Currently, I’m the Social Director of my Faculty, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan.

These experiences have exposed me to Human relations thus making me a Sociable. And with that, I believe I’m qualified to be the House Secretary of the University of Ibadan.

Fatoki Ayomide David, the current Social Director of NUESA.

What leadership qualities do you possess and how will they make you a good house secretary of the University of Ibadan Students Union?

3 things. I listen, I relate well and I take diplomatic approaches.

I listen: Over time, with my experience in different positions, I listen to what people have to say. Because, like I always say, what makes you a real leader is the listening hears you give to your people’s needs. This characteristic of mine would help me better the Welfare of UITES.

I relate Well: If I were asked to rate myself being a Sociable, I’d give myself a 9/10. I find it comfortable relating to people, a lot. My agenda is You matter. I’m going there to serve UItes, to satisfy their needs, UItes come first because they matter to the success of my plans for the betterment of the welfare of UItes. And in order to achieve this, I’ve to be a Sociable, it’s needed of me to be a Sociable, in order to know and understand their needs. Being a Sociable, is a characteristics of mine I know will make me a good House Secretary of the Student’s Union, University of Ibadan.

I am a Diplomatic Leader: Due to my listening ability, I take diplomatic approaches when attending to situations. It’s why my manifesto is imbedded with representing the Students of UI by appealing to management on some issues.

Do you know the last house secretary of SU? What were his achievements and flaws?

Yes, I know him personally, and I’ve a good relationship with him. His name is Adeyinka Oluwanifemi Abraham. He is the team leader of PriceActionWealthAcademy (PAWA), an organization where they train people on digital skills. They train at least 100 students every 2 months and I’ve reached out to him that I’d love his organization to train at least 500 UItes which he promised he’d do.

I can’t say this and that is his achievement or flaws because the Union was scrapped three weeks into his administrative tenure.

What do you hope to achieve as the house secretary of the Student Union?

I hope to achieve my plans for UItes and even more than what I’ve written. As the House Secretary of the Students Union, I hope to achieve

  • An upliftment in security,
  •  Health,
  • Transportation and
  • Academic activities of UITES.

What makes you a better aspirant for this position you are vying for?

My Agenda is of UITES by UItes, for UItes. Welfarism is not about the officeholder, but the people, that’s why I’ve come about the agenda You Matter. With the Welfare of UItes being my topmost priority, and the fact that they matter to me. I believe it makes me a better aspirant for this position.

Ayo Fatoki, a University of Ibadan Students Union aspirants
Ayo Fatoki with other members of Independence Hall

What have been your contributions to the University of Ibadan Students Union?

Nothing directly to the Student Union because the Union Government I experienced, lasted 3weeks before it was scrapped. My achievements in other positions I have held speaks for me.

How do you plan to make your opponent support you if you emerge victorious in the election?

I have a solid relationship with my opponent, if elected, I will call him first letting him know that I will be needing his support to better welfare of UItes if he doesn’t mind.

How do you plan to support student entrepreneurs?

If elected, a Vocational/skill acquisition programme will be organised. An Exhibition/Trade fair will be organized too, to support studentpreneurs, as I call them.

Your Advice for other aspirants?

Posterity will judge, we should be fair in our dealings, there’s a life after UI, defaming of character, Supporters fight, e.t.c. should not be encouraged by aspirants. I wish all aspirants the very best.

Student Union Campaign Graphics
Ayo Fatoki Campaign Graphics

 Any words for students of the University of Ibadan?

VOTE for AyoFatoki for House Secretary of University of Ibadan SU.

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