Missing Spoons

Missing Spoons


Most of us use spoons to eat our daily meals except swallows. But do you know the most valuable cutlery is the spoon? While we see it as just a spoon, we most times do not value the spoon that feeds us.

While many people might think that there are other alternatives to spoons when they are missing, the convenience you experience when using a spoon is second to none. Some of us will rather use spoon for most of our meals than other cutlery like Knives or Fork. Asians might not be using spoons as much as they use their chopsticks but collect the chopsticks from them and the discomfort they will experience without their chopsticks when using other cutlery might not be bearable to them.

We need to start valuing what we have no matter how small or insignificant it may be. Small drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Without the small drops of water, there will be no ocean. There are quite a lot of things we do not value or appreciate. This is because we have seen them as part of us. Take these things away and we will start appreciating them.

Why You Need To Value What You Have

Company leadership might see some employees as too expensive and decide to fire them or make them leave the company to get another staff member to replace this so called expensive employee. When this so called expensive employee leaves the organization, the company begins to feel the effect of this employee and perhaps it may be too late for the company.

Students are usually best at a particular course or subject. If the student decide not to read or study this particular subject, it will prove fatal to the academic success of such student. The student will probably record the lowest score he has ever gotten in that course because of such negligence.

Just as we need to value our spoons because without them difficulty will arise when we feed ourselves, we also need to value ourselves by regularly exercising our body. People rarely take care of their health unless they have fallen ill. While we all use our spoons for food, we never wish to fall sick as we do not wish to use our spoons to be fed by others or use our spoons to take drugs. You can also take care of your health by not exposing yourself to insect bite. You can read more about protecting yourself from the insect bite by reading this interview.

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