I Used My Income From Graphics To Start My Farming

Kaosarah Adeyi, executive director of ABK Farms and ABK Concept

It is said that women are more into farming than men. Few young graduates also want to engage in Agriculture. InterviewStories while on its LinkedIn company page saw Kaosarah with pictures of her at her fish farm and was delighted to know that some ladies love farming. InterviewStories reached out to the farmer who then told us the reason why she engages in farming and why she does not have one business. Her story is being told in this article.

Can we know you?

I am Abdulrasaq Kaosarah Adeyi, a recent graduate from the University of Ilorin. I am the executive director of ABK Farms and ABK Concept (A creative designing and printing company).

Why combine farming with designing and printing?

While I was small, primary school to be precise, I had always fantasized working on a laptop. I didn’t know what it is being used for but I always wish to use it, so I do disturb my parents on learning on how to use a system.

At first, I wasn’t allowed but I was persistent and they had to allow me to go for training during the break between JSS 3 and SS1 and I completed my training a month to my final exam. I started practising when I gained admission into the University in 2014 and that had been my source of livelihood.

As for fish farming, I developed an interest in it after attending a seminar in 2017 and started practising a week after the seminar because I love practical’s. So I used my income from graphics to start my farming. Most funds I get from the printing business go to farming since farming is capital intensive.

Kaosarah Adeyi, executive director of ABK Farms and ABK Concept
Abdulrasaq Kaosarah Adeyi a graduate of Unilorin

Why choose farming knowing it is capital intensive?

Over the years, I have developed an interest in farming since it is a sustainable business that can contribute to the GDP of the country. Since it is capital intensive but it is also a profitable business.

What type of farming do you do?

I am majorly into fish farming and beekeeping for now. But I hope to diversify to other aspects in the nearest future

Why combining apiculture with fish farming? Are you studying both at school?

I am a forester but I love bees as a creature. This made me to work on it as my final year project, at first it wasn’t accepted but after convincing them on reasons why I should be allowed to work on bees, one of my major points was that I wouldn’t want my project to end on the shelf has it has always been with most graduates. I made my lecturers understand that working on another thing I don’t have interest in may just be a waste of time to me. Before the completion, of my project, I had started my beekeeping business and they were later impressed.

As for fish farming, I had started earlier. Dangote doesn’t have just one business, neither do I.

How did you start apiculture?

Apiculture requires less capital, you can start with just ₦50,000. As for getting the bees, we do construct hives for them and there is a method we do use to attract them to the hives after placing them on the farm. I don’t have my farmland yet but I talked with a farmer and he allowed me to place my hives on his farm. This is beneficial to both of us because my bees will help in pollinating his crops.

How profitable has apiculture been to you?

It is a profitable business, you get 100% of any amount you invest and it doesn’t require much input once you establish it.

ABK Farms Banner
Miss. Kaosarah also engages in fish farming

Why also diversify in fish farming?

I meant to diversify to other aspects of Agriculture and not fish farming. Fish farming is an agricultural practice I have developed an interest in over the years. For me, it is a sustainable business that has the potential of helping me one of my future ambition. My father also contributed to my interest in this aspect because catfish is his favourite and before I started, we were always buying almost two times in a week.

Fish from ABK Farms
Fish produced by Miss. Kaosarah Adeyi

How did you set you your fish farm?

I started on a very small scale in our house by getting dome fingerlings and stocked in plastic then. I still rear them at home and I can’t meet up with the demand from my customers but I currently partner with big farms till I get to establish mine.

What motivates you into entrepreneurship?

I love to be independent and I had always wished to be an employer of labour. Am not only an entrepreneur but I motivate and help people become one. I have served in different capacities as an undergraduate in which I organized empowerment programs for students. April this year, I organized an empowerment scheme for students in the University where they were given startup equipment in some vocational skills such as a graphics designer was given a laptop, a fashion designer-a sewing machine, an oven, clipper, chicks and feeds for poultry farmer and others.

Entrepreneur Kaosarah Adeyi of ABK Farms and ABK Concpets
Entrepreneur Kaosarah Adeyi tells youths not to wait for government

I want most youths to know that there is a lot they can do themselves without depending on the government.

What skills have you learnt since you started your entrepreneurship journey?

  1. Digital skills,
  2. Content creation,
  3. Human Management,
  4. Financial management,
  5. Creative thinking amongst others.

As for the digital skills, we operate on a digitalised platform for our agribusiness. Our products are being ordered online and we deliver them to our customers. This is also evident in our effected use of all our social media platforms. To engage our customers, there is always a need for us to create captivating contents.

The knowledge of human and financial management, creative management has been greatly been utilized in the running of the business

What challenges have you faced so far that you had to ask for help from others?

There are a lot of challenges I have encountered in the course of doing this business. But there are two major ones that I have asked to be helped. Funding and land

How can people contact you?

09027454778, 07068022462. Instagram: abk_farms, Gmail: ABKFarms1@gmail.com, Twitter: @FarmsAbk