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Competence is not Gender-Based by Damilola Ojo

It is widely said that everyone should be involved in politics. Not everyone may be a politician but everyone deserves the chance to lead if they have the capability. InterviewStories got in touch with Ojo Damilola a female political science student who also happens to be aspiring for the position of President of her Department. Yes; the Department of Political Science in her college. She believes that people should choose their leaders based on competence and not see the feminine folks as the weaker vessels. Her story is told by her and here is what she has to say.

Who are you?

My Name is Comrade Ojo Damilola aka SUNSHINE. I’m from the Department of Political Science department an aspirant aspiring for NAPSS PRESIDENT a student of Osun State College of Education (OSCOED), Ilesa, Osun State, in affiliation with University of Ibadan.

Comrade? Why are you a comrade?

I choose to be a comrade simply because I love representing the Interests of Nigerian student despite being a Female. And one of the characteristics of a comrade is that.

Are comrades not supposed to be those who have held a position before?

Hmmm, that’s where we always get it wrong. According to the Oxford dictionary, a comrade is someone who is involved in activities. You might be a normal student and still, yet keep representing your people even performing more than the president. We have many people who have not held a pos, yet they are performing more than people who are in power and even popular than them.

Does being a female hinder you from representing students?

At all but you know people don’t like seeing ladies representing them, they preferred them to be an extra tyre. They have forgotten that gender differences should be erased if we want better unionism; we have many ladies that leads right in records.

Have you experienced such an act before? What was your response and how did you solve the problem?

Yes, because the general view of people is that ladies are flexible vessels. And I’ve been proving that wrong by being a good leader.

How have you been representing the interest of Nigerian students?

With the strength of God, I’ve been representing the interest of Nigerian student being an assistant course rep with this I’ve got a liaise relationship with both the students and the lectures.

Political Science students in Nigeria
Sunshine with other students

Why study political science?

Studying political science gives me grounds to the importance of political participation and prepares me to take part in the political life of my communities and the nation. Also, it has opened my eyes to what’s happening in communities and Nations

Are all students in your department politically active?

Not all are politically active because being a political scientist doesn’t make you a politician.

Why do you aspire to be president?

One of the major reasons aspiring for this Apex position is to consistently and relentlessly represent the views and interest of all students in the department especially as it concern their education and welfare. More so, I’m aspiring to supply my quota of reasoning to NAPSS and lastly to bridge the gap between NAPSS executives and student whereby every voice will be heard and work on.

Comrade Ojo Damilola
Ojo Damilola, a political science student

Why do you think you deserve to lead NAPSS and not the other contestant(s)?

I have the determination and we all know determination is one of the major ingredients of life. I have the vision and I’m not being pushed by any individual or group of people who I will be subjected to except the people I will represent.

What new changes will you bring to the association if elected and what will you like to change from what already exists in the association?

We all know the major reasons for the downfall of any group is public opinions not known by the group. People shall be given the platforms to express their opinions via suggestions boxes or other means like online forms where their identities may not be revealed if they desire to.  The press will be as independent as possible if elected.

Another thing am going to work on is Academics, we all know our primary assignment on campus is our academics where I hope to improve the standard by working with the Academic chairman to achieve this.

I will also try to make the social and academic life of members to be balanced. More will be communicated at Manifestos.

Why should I vote for you?

Voting for me will also contribute to making all the aforementioned promises and others to be possible in the association.

Campaign graphics for a student leadership position
Ojo Damilola campaign graphics

As a future political scientist, what are your chances of becoming the winner in the election? Should you not emerge, how will you achieve all you promised when not in administration?

I believe my chances of winning are high. I know the voice of students will be heard. If I do not win, I promise to work for the betterment of the association as I have always done.

Do you know you will be representing the department anywhere you are? What makes you a good ambassador of NAPSS?

A good Ambassador needs to know how to relate and interact with people. This I have been doing wherever I find myself. A good ambassador is trustworthy and must be loyal, this has been my watchword to NAPSSites.

Your advice to people? Why should they be involved in politics?

People should always hope for a great result. They should also put political apathy aside. When you don’t participate in politics mediocrities’ will govern us. Vote and not fight