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Olaleye Nafisat Morenikeji, CEO of Nazmafoods

Olaleye Nafisat Morenikeji is a student of the University of Ibadan, Oyo state. She is an entrepreneur whose entrepreneurship is in the food industry. Nazmafoods is the brand she has built in the food industry. She had an interview with us at InterviewStories. We present the interview we had with the foodpreneur Olaleye Nafisat Morenikeji.

Can we know you?

My name is Olaleye Nafisat Morenikeji. I am a home cook, content creator and entrepreneur. I am from Ogun state raised in Lagos and a student of University of Ibadan in Oyo state.

What type of content do you create?

Food content, I take food pictures , write recipes and make food videos.

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is about passion and taking risks on that passion, entrepreneurship requires creativity, innovation. An entrepreneur has to be creative and open minded.

What do you do as an entrepreneur?

I cook, I cook to bring happiness to people, to make money and also teach other people how to cook.

Does that make you a caterer?

No, I’m not a caterer. A caterer provides food and drinks to a gathering or event. I’m a home cook/amateur chef which means I have passion for cooking, but I’m less skilled than a professional chef. Sometimes I do the work of a caterer,but I’m not a caterer.

Do you see yourself as a chef?

An amateur chef, because I haven’t acquired the skills and certificate to be a professional chef. But I’m working on becoming a professional after I graduate. I have to go to a culinary school to become a professional.

What skills do you need to be a chef?

To be a chef requires a lot of skills which includes knife skills, plating skills, methods of cooking different foods, knowledge of ingredients, learning taste of ingredients, mastering how to manipulate the ingredients, mastering recipes .

Do you work with a chef?

No, I work on my own

How did you acquire your skills?

I learnt most of what I know on social media, especially YouTube. I learnt a lot of continental and local dishes by watching YouTube videos, I learnt how to plate food on Facebook food groups.

Then, during the student union strike in my school in 2017, I did an amateur diploma course on continental dishes which improved my skills.

What then makes you unique?

I’m very creative and make unique foods that always stands out. I provide quality and healthy home cooked food to people and it makes them happy.

Recently I developed a pizza recipe that makes pizza affordable to everyone. It is pizza in a very mini size and still taste like pizza!

Nazmafoods Pizza
Nazmafoods Pizza

Where do you get your customers/clients from?

For now I only sell to students of university of Ibadan and few outsiders. I post adverts on social media especially WhatsApp, advertise in classes to reach out to them.

Do you have a brand name?

Yes I do. My brand name is Nazmafoods.

What other products do you make apart from pizza?

I make beef burger, chicken sandwich and fish sandwich.

Can anybody eat these foods and what nutritional value do they offer to the body?

Yes, these foods are comfort foods that most people consider unhealthy, but Nazmafoods makes sure the foods are balanced by adding vegetables, and using the best ingredients .

Burger, sandwich, and pizza are good sources of Iron, Carbohydrates, and Protein.

Nazmafoods Beef Burger
Nazmafoods Beef Burger

Some people can’t eat cheese which is part of the recipe for burger and pizza. They can’t eat it because they are milk intolerant, so I modify the recipe for them.

Is this business profitable for you?

Of course it is, there’s no business without profit, and loss! Though it was challenging to make profit because I had to balance the quality of food with the price and make it affordable for students.

How long does it take you to make these products?

It doesn’t take me less than 12 hours. Because I’m still in school, I don’t have lots of tools, so I have to make preparations ahead. I use about 7 hours to prepare, about 5 hours to assemble the foods.

Nazmafoods Chicken Sandwich
Nazmafoods Chicken Sandwich

Why does it take that long to prepare?

Like I said before, I have limited access to space and tools, because I’m still a student staying in a hostel. And the ingredients I use for my foods are scarce here in Ibadan, so I have to prepare ahead. But I’m working on getting more tools and space.

What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur?

My major challenge is balancing price and quality. Also, making my products affordable to students. Other challenges include not having access to ingredients like cheese; I only find it in two stores, and also balancing my education with my business. But I’m handling them pretty well.

Is funding not a problem?

It is, in fact it is another major challenge

How have you been able to make sure these problems do not limit your business?

I prepare ahead, that solves a lot of future potential problems. And to balance business with education, I only sell on weekends.

Tell us your first experience?

My first experience was making chicken and fish club-sandwich for sale within my department, and it was well received, and that was how it started. I made just fifteen sandwiches that day. I sold all before the mid of that day.

Did you make loss that day?

No, but I didn’t make profit either, I made exactly the amount I invested

What lesson did you learn from that experience?

It was my first ever actual business experience, and it was really exciting. I learnt that one just need to start something, if you have an idea, passion, starting something even without enough resources will open you to more opportunities. I also learnt people really love good food and that food is the key to every creatures heart. It makes them happy and makes me happy too.

Namzafoods Products
Namzafoods Products

Tell us your most disappointing event you had since you started Nazmafoods?

My most disappointing event in the food production was a department excursion which I invested a lot of energy, time into and then I was able to sell just four out of fifteen sandwiches.

My most disappointing event for my content creation was losing an SD card containing lots of food pictures and videos. This events were painful and I felt like quitting then, but I didn’t because I’ve learnt that failure is part of growth, it makes me better.

After those events, I worked more on my food prices, and I invested more in storage and backup for my contents.

What keeps you going on?

My passion for cooking! and the smile I see on people’s faces after eating my food. I feel cooking is my way of communicating and sharing love and happiness to the world. Also, my determination to have a long-lasting brand that will leave an impact.

Olaleye Nafisat Morenikeji, CEO of Nazmafoods
Olaleye Nafisat Morenikeji of Nazmafoods

Do you work alone?

Yes, but recently I’ve been making large quantities of food , about hundred, which was really challenging. So I’ve just employed someone who would work with me next semester. And I’m also working on employing a delivery man.

Will you be paying them?

Yes, of course.

What future plans do you have for Nazmafoods?

Nazmafoods is already on its path to the future. It is going to be based on what it is already, it is only going to expand more.

Do you have investors?

No, I don’t…… I’m already in alliance with some individuals, but it is not official yet.

How long have your business existed?

It’s been a year and a month now.

Describe your experience and journey?

It was very exciting and I learnt a lot.

How did you raise funds to start your business?

I used personal savings. I then invested the capital with the profit to produce more .

How much did you start with?

I started with five thousand naira.

Do you think you could have raised more to start the business?

I am a student and I was not working, it was just enough to start! Though I had to borrow machines for the production.

What did you use the five thousand naira to purchase?

I used it to buy ingredients to make fifteen sandwiches

Which industry do you work in and what advise do you have for entrepreneurs that want to join the industry?

Food industry. My advice for entrepreneurs that wants to join the food industry, whether food production, food content production on social media is to START! Its really challenging to start because you might feel you do not have enough capital, resources…. but in the real sense, you might not need much to start something. And practice, consistency is also really important in the food industry.

Does every entrepreneur needs mentor or mentorship?

If mentor here means someone you look up to and learn from, then yes, there’s always someone we look up to.

Do you have a mentor?

I have four mentors.

How can young entrepreneurs raise funds?

I raised my funds from personal savings, so I’ll advice them to save from their allowance from their parents, or from their salary, if they are working. And they can also get sponsors and investors.

How can one know the kind of entrepreneurship industry one can venture into?

Your passion determines the industry you can venture into.

What are the risks associated with entrepreneurship that you have experienced?

Losing money, not making profit, running out of ideas.

How can people contact you?

Odewole Faith Ayanfeoluwa of sofac_photography

Odewole Faith Ayanfeoluwa is a student photogrpaher. He owns the brand sofac_photography where they make people smile. We interviewed Odewole Faith about how his journey began and where his passion for photography has taken him to. Read the Interview with him only at InterviewStories

Can we know you?

My name is Odewole Faith Ayanfeoluwa, a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology , Anatomy Department. I am a photographer based in Ogbomosho, Oyo state.

How did you venture into photography?

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) embarked on a strike action for some months and it was so tiring and frustrating…I then went home and looked for what will make me happy and at the same time, I will be doing something creative so I browsed and made a list of things I could do,I marked photography out at first honestly(I didn’t really like it)…But have always had an eye for amazing pictures. That was how sofac_photography came into existence.

Did you learn photography or you just picked the skill naturally?

I had to learn for a few months in Ibadan… I kept on working on myself through online tutorials too, that’s what hastened my growth actually

Did anyone put you through the profession?

I had to pay to learn from an already established photographer in Ibadan

Which equipment do you use in photography?

We have a lot….Basically the camera is the most important, we also have speed lights,soft box,tripod stand,reflectors, diffusers,trigger less I forget u need a computer system too just to mention few.

How were you able to get equipment?

The thing is you can get everything once its gradual…one leads to another. If you have the Money then go for it…but if not you’ll get them from your income. I started with borrowing camera from my school mum,all thanks to God and her. Then I started buying other stuffs

How much did you start with?

Actually my story is funny, like I said you need a camera basically then a system. But i started with around one hundred and twenty thousand naira (₦120, 000).

How were you able to get the money?

My parents were supportive… Through them basically because I had no source of income then.

Tell us your first experience as a photographer?

It was really funny,it was the first time I was nervous and really scared. I was still a novice,but to an extent I could snap reasonable pictures….not until my Abuja experience,I went with two other photographers

That was what helped my advance in my journey of photography.

Tell us your Abuja experience?

I was privileged to go to Abuja last year with a TV crew(ballspedia TV). I was with two other photographers on that trip,the trip gave me more experience and it opened my eyes to a lot of things in photography.

Is photography profitable?

Yes it is.

How much have you made from photography?

Depends on how frequent you get job and when you u are good people will patronize you frequently.

Do you think people should choose photography because of the money?

No. Photography should be chosen based on passion. If its not passion it will soon fade off

What qualities makes a good photographer?

Humility, Patience, Good relationship with customers. I am also a a professional. These are qualities that I have and I have also demonstrated while working as sofac_photography.

Odewole Faith Ayanfeoluwa of sofac_photography
Odewole Faith Ayanfeoluwa of sofac_photography

What problems do you face as a photographer?

Funding and time are some of the problems Odewole Faith Ayanfeoluwa faces at sofac_photography.

Time could be a major problem…you will need to take the pictures and edit and clients will be on your neck. Inadequate fund can frustrate a photographer when trying to get equipment to work with

What do one need to be a better photographer?

You just need all necessary stuffs that’s all….your productivity is not really based on the equipment but on your skills personally(I mean how well you can manage the stuffs you have).

What is your brand name?


How can young entrepreneurs raise funds?

One of the hardest things to do while starting up is raising funds actually but I’ll propose you get people who believe in your dream(investors), they can invest in your business based on agreement

Also,they should know that they its w be always rosy,there are twists and bends to this job and we relate to customers according to their different status…..Be flexible in short.

Do entrepreneurs need to have a mentor?

Sure, you need a source of motivation,it must be someone you admire his works that is also better than you.

Advise for student entrepreneurs?

The normal thing people say is that be hardworking and all that but it doesn’t just work like that…. Basically I feel they should put God first and be creative, humility is key and they should use the people around them gainfully… You can’t be everywhere at all times.

How can people contact sofac_photography?

WhatsApp 08166720499

Instgram @sofac_photography

Olla Boluwatife, CEO of

Olla Boluwatife owns a creative agency that provides web solutions for businesses. He talks about services they render at Ownasite, how he got his first job as a web developer and a lot more. We have his interview at InterviewStories. Olla says Ownasite will be a leading web design agency in Nigeria in the next five years and he is working towards it.

Can we know you?

My name is Olla Boluwatife Joseph. I’m an entrepreneur, a web developer, a software developer, a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) expert and internet marketer. I currently run a creative agency (@ownasite) where we provide web solutions for businesses.

Tell us about your agency?

Ownasite is an internet company. We bridge the gap between businesses and technology. Our website address is

What web solutions for business do you provide in your company?

Businesses have evolved from the brick and mortar structures into the world wide web (internet). We believe that at this century if your business is not online then you’d soon be out of business. Our services are not but limited to the following:

  • Web design & development
  • Internet marketing
  • Software development
  • Branding
  • E-commerce

How did you start Ownasite?

I just graduated high school when I delved fully into web development. I launched in the year 2015 under a different name (Jose webs) but later re-branded and started operations fully in 2016.

Olla Boluwatife, CEO of Ownasite web agency
CEO of Ownasite

What were the challenges you faced when you started?

The major challenge I faced was trying to set up the business structure. Also was struggling to enhance my skills as well as convince prospective clients that I was capable of providing the services I said I would. The truth of the matter was that I was learning on the job. We all know that no-one is an island but there are certain skills required to start up a business. I didn’t know that then. I didn’t have enough skills but I had the passion and that kept me through.

Is your business registered?


How easy was registering your business?

Quite easy. I have someone who does it and the process was quite smooth.

How did you get your first job?

It was through my brother. He referred to one of his friends who needed my service at that time. Although I was inexperienced. I believed I could pull it off and it ended up really nice.

What were the challenges you had when you took your first job?

I was in school then (The Polytechnic, Ibadan). Firstly, trying to balance work with lectures. Secondly, power supply & the internet. It was of short supply.

Are you proud of the service you rendered then?

Yes, I am. I always strive to give my best to my clients.

What makes your customers like the service you render?

I put my customers’ interest at heart, I also communicate and relate well with my customers, and try to provide the best quality service I can.

How much do you charge per service?

I have pricing plans based on the kind of services I offer. My basic-est plan for web design service starts from N80k.

What about other services?

They aren’t fixed. The price depends on the customers’ needs. Let’s take for example software development. We have different kinds of software. It could be an inventory software, accounting software or hotel software. Each software has different features. Those features determine how much I’d charge. A customer might want something simple and basic, another might want advanced features.

Olla Boluwatife an entrepreneur

What problems do you face regarding your business?

As of now. It’s power. The amount of money I spend on power supply every month is really high compared to the number of customers I get. I also do not have a huge customer base as of now.

What motivates you to do more?

I’m passionate about creating solutions for people. Even if I don’t get paid for it. I feel very happy doing these things. I believe sooner or later. I’d breakthrough!

Has anyone invested in your business?


Does your business need investors?

I don’t think so

Does every business need to be online?


How can one establish an online presence?

The first step which is easy and free to do is to be on social media. Then if you need to add a bit of professionalism then you opt in for a website. But it’s not just about having a website. It’s about communication.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Blogs are dynamic. The contents are updated frequently. Websites are static in nature, the contents are organized in pages. A website is where you’d get every needed information about a particular business. A blog is a medium of communication between existing business and it’s customers. Or prospects. However, blogs sometimes are parts of a website.

What makes a business successful?

Customer relations, having agood product or quality service with a strong marketing strategy. You can’t afford not to have those qualities.

Where do you see Ownasite in the next five years?

A leading web design agency in Nigeria.

Do you have a mentor?

I have mentors. I watch their videos. I’ve taken some of their courses, I’ve interacted with some of them and they’ve been really helpful. With a mentor, you can never totally go wrong.

How can startups get funds?

Angel investors, crowdfunding, venture capitalist, loans.

Can you talk about each of them?

A venture capitalist invests in the early stages of your company in exchange for an equity share. You can also visit your bank or reach out friends & family to get loans for your business. Angel investors differ from Venture Capitalists although people confuse the two together.

While angel investors can take an equity share of your startup in exchange for their investment, their funding can also be exchanged for convertible debt. These investors are usually entrepreneurs. Although money is their motivation, they are more likely to be genuinely interested in your business. If you find the right angel investor, you may benefit from their expert advice and management skills. You can also take advantage of the resources available to you online by using crowdfunding websites to raise capital.

Olla Boluwatife, CEO of
Olla Boluwatife, CEO of

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Keep doing what you do. Be persistent, be consistent. Forget about the money, it’ll come eventually. Get the needed skills and I’d see you at the top🔝. You can contact me on

CEO of Da Elementalz Business Enterprise.

Adegoke Umar-Al-Faruq Idowu is a student of University of Ibadan. He is a tutor and the founder of DA ELEMENTALZ BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, a company that is into importation and exportation. Adegoke loves what he does and advises young entrepreneurs to look before leaping into the harsh business environment of Nigeria. We at InterviewStories recently talked about some of the things he does and he gave his responses. Below is the interview with Adegoke Umar-Al-Faruq Idowu popularly known as Umerium.

Can we know you?

I am ADEGOKE UMAR-AL-FARUQ IDOWU by appellation, a medical undergraduate student of University of Ibadan, from the department of Environmental Health Sciences, faculty of Public Health, college of medicine, UI.

What do you do?

I’ve been a tutor, who tutors in different tutorials for both A-level (Cambridge, JUPEB and IJMB) and O’level (JAMB and WAEC) for the past 5 years and still ongoing. Also, I’m a computer operator and engineer who deals with software.

Recently, I became a legitimate importer and exporter to Nigeria and different countries. I am also the founder of my organization: DA ELEMENTALZ BUSINESS ENTERPRISE which deals with the importation and exportation of goods across the globe.

Tell us a little about your tutoring days

I started tutoring at a very tender age. I was in SS2 when I started teaching a JAMB class. It was as if it were my gift or talent because I’m naturally endowed on how to teach. At first, it was very challenging because of my stature, but the tutorials of nowadays no longer consider all those. What they need is how knowledgeable you are and if you can deliver, which I have pretty much did. The students were also challenging, posting konk questions to me; but I always maneuvered my ways, and they always respect me. By the time I finished secondary school, I had already gained the experience, so O’level classes were no longer challenging. I was introduced to A-level but was scared at first.

I had to reject it first, then went to buy all the A-level textbooks: Biology and Chemistry, read them thoroughly, internalized them, and practised with my junior ones and friends before I later contacted them.

I started with an A-level center named Classic Advance Level Centre. I performed very well there so I was invited to Krystal Edge Perversity to take advance classes also. So from there, I moved to other centers like EAC, WINNERS Advance Centre, DISTINCTION PERVERSITY etc.

What lessons did you learn from tutoring?

Hmmm… What can I say??? There are many lessons I learnt. But in summary, teaching in general makes you know more and make you do many researches. It gets you accolades and connects you to many places. I’ve travelled to two (2) different states due to tutoring.

Adegoke Umar-Al-Faruq
Adegoke Umar-Al-Faruq Tutoring Days

Then I learnt you should hold and be confident enough in the things you know. Don’t let people know your weaknesses. I was introduced to winners advance centre two years ago. My friend told me that I should be prepared that the students are very good. He was trying to instill the fear in me but I was like, “Is it not to teach? Since it is not teaching lions, I won’t be scared …” I got there and met the coordinator … so we discussed and everything. It got to the point where he asked me what aspect of chemistry and biology I took.

Actually we had four aspects for both, and I could only take two very well. But my guy had hyped me a lot in front of the man. I didn’t want to fuck up. So I told him, “Any aspect, I’m OK with it.” Knowing fully well that if he’d picked the aspect I didn’t know, I’d have flopped. But I was so full of myself, and showing the boldness and confidence. The man was surprised. He said that all the teachers he had there always chose the aspect they could teach. Very fortunately for me, he chose the aspect I knew most. I was hyper-actively happy. I went to the class and delivered an outstanding lecture. The man and the students still respect me today.

Were you paid when you were tutoring?

Sure … I collect my money per hour.

Tell us your experience about importation and exportation business

We had a strike in school. When it was getting to two weeks and I noticed that it was really going to take longer, I decided to learn something new to my handiwork. So a friend introduced me to the importation business. I was really amazed and interested. Because to market and broadcast was something I could do very well. But what discouraged me first was the bill to learn the business. I ran. Like, I asked him where I was to get 60k to learn just the basics. I went home to make research on it and found out that the training is even 100k+. I had to go back to him. But I told him that I will be paying in installments.

So that was how I started the business … I borrowed money, was in debts … seriously, during my training days. The training went so smoothly, because I had a sharp memory and knew how to adapt to things easily. So I easily grappled with it and passed all the tests.

I finished the basics of the training and started with advertisements. I started the business with zero capital. Yes … because I couldn’t afford to owe again. So … it was really hard for me, because people and customers wanted to see the goods before buying. And I didn’t have the capital to bring down the goods. Plus, I was in the school environment; I couldn’t really sell expensive stuffs, because all products I got were directly from the manufacturing companies.

I transacted with the CEOs. So getting just one of their products was even more expensive … because they sold in wholesales. But I kinda had a convincing power. So I was always able to get one. But there are some companies that can’t sell just one. They have their respective MOQs (Minimum order quantity). So I continued with my adverts, paid for some. Alas! Some of my friends decided to try me out. And they paid before I made their orders. At the end of the day, the profit on my first order was able to cover all my debts which was close to 100k.

They also referred me to some people who had boutiques. That was actually what made me blow. The two boutiques ordered for bulky goods that were really profitable. The profit I had I used to learn the premium stage of the importation training. Because I really wanted to have a verse knowledge about it. That sapped out another huge money.

What made your first attempt to be such a huge success in the business?

Actually, I was just following the instructions I learnt from the training and improving on it.

Are you saying people need to be guided before they venture into a business?

Smiles. We all know business is a risk. Knowing that fully well, you now want to venture into it without having a full knowledge about it? Then you are working towards spoiling it and will be in huge debts. Only if you are just lucky and God just decides to help you out. To cut the long story short, I furthered my training. I became an agent of many logistics companies, got my own store in China. I now deal with other countries like the USA and Russia for some wears like suits, then Malaysia for some materials, and UAE (Dubai) for jewelries.

What is the most important thing when starting a business?

Hmmm … the first thing is to have a full knowledge about it; the right source to learn it; people that know about it, that can guide you and correct you … and then your own personal interest in the business.

Do the people that used to patronise you when you started still do?

Very well, sir. You know people like quality things, no matter how expensive they are. Yours is just to give them the quality material so that you will not destroy the trust and your reputation.

Is importation and exportation what you do at DA ELEMENTALZ BUSINESS ENTERPRISE?

Yes … of different categories of goods, speaking of fashion as a whole … telecommunications as a whole … then gadgets and appliances and a whole.

Which categories of goods do you deal with?

Speaking of fashion, we have wears, shoes, jewelries, cosmetics and others. For telecommunications we have phones, tablets, desktops, latops and other related telecommunication devices … speakers, home theatres, bluetooth devices, electrical appliances, string appliances like guitars, musical instruments in general and many other things.

How do you deal with bad stocks that were shipped to you?

Smiles… well, I give thanks to God Almighty. None of my products has been fake. That’s why I said earlier, that you should know the right source to do your business. For me to use that huge amount of money to learn a business, it’s not something small.

What if the products got damaged?

Well, you asked “what if”. None of them has been damaged before. So I can’t really answer that question. I’ve not experienced any hazard so far in this business.

Who are your major customers?

The entire populace. We deal with wholesales and retails, globally. Presently, we are working on some goods which have to be exported to Ghana.

Do you have a physical shop?

Well, we are still working on that. But presently we have a destination where customers can meet me.

Where I keep the goods, that I see as my office, is at 26, Oke Oriowo, Off Alhaji Taiwo Street, Kajola Agbowo, Ibadan. The second destination is not permanent, because I can leave there anytime. And that is Sultan Bello Hall, University of Ibadan. Ibadan.

Did you leave your tutoring job?

Nope. I’m still doing it. I do not think I can leave it. I love affecting people’s lives positively. I do it for the pleasure I derive from it, not because of the money. The money is nothing. That’s why I decided to learn something and add to it.

Do you have people who work with you at Da Elementalz Business?

Yes. Presently I have three. But all my friends are my marketers; they receive discounts on every customer they bring.

Are they family members or paid staff?

Paid staff.

How are you able to manage all these together with your academics?

Smiles… Well, it’s a very good question. Firstly, tutoring is never a challenge, because it’s academics. So it is even helping me the more. But in the case of the business, I exploit the fact that we are on strike to create grounds and a base to make friends and meet customers. But in general, it has not been easy. I was able to cope. That is what makes a man. I was able to manage the two efficiently.

Can you lend people money from your business?

Presently, NO. Coz all the profits I realize in the business I invest. In fact I want to move to the higher level, but the capital is not enough yet. And as a result, I’m running an investment forum to bring in people to invest in my business. That’s where I’m currently at.

How many people are into this business apart from your staff as a result of you?

Sure.. We offer a monthly mini importation training online or physical, depending on the persons interest. And we have done three training successfully of which each is like 20 students and above. So I can say I’ve built over 50 legit importers.

Were they paid event?

Sure.. Definitely.

Do you see someone starting an importation and exportation business as a threat?

Well, it is of two sides. If I see that he/she follows the right source, I will see him/her as a partner and try moving close so that we can reason along. But if the route is the wrong one, then I see them as a threat. Because they always break my market. Although they sell the same product, but of different quality. Like, when I get a product worth ₦12,000 from the company and I decided to sell for ₦15,000. When a customer sees that that same product goes for about ₦8,000 somewhere else. People won’t know the quality stuff until they try them. So the risk is too high.

How can people invest in your investment forum?

The minimum is #100,000. And they will receive a discount of 30% in a duration of 4months max. It will be a team of ten men. Because the budget is #1M on each category of goods. But if I don’t have close to 30 entries.. Then I know how to split the money on different categories of goods.

Jewelries at Da Elementalz Business Enterprise

How do your investors benefit from the investment?

30% of 100k is 30k.. Meaning they are receiving back ₦130,000 in that duration. And that is the minimum.. It can be more if the profit made on the goods are up to 100%. But in business, one just needs to play safe. So that one won’t be in trouble and debts.. And this thing is a lawyer agreement.. So I have to be extra careful.. Considering the hazards in business.. I might think I’m gonna make up to 100% profit and turning out not to be so. Then I’m in debt

What mistakes have you made in this business that you regretted ever making?

Hmm… Let me see. Yes.. There was one.. I got a product for a customer who hasn’t paid. The product was for a Nigerian but the customer is yet to pay, till now. Since then, I stopped payment before delivery. That’s the only thing I can say I consider as a regret.

Do you have an online presence for your company?

Sure… We transact online. IG page: da_ebsenterprise, FB page: DA ELEMENTALZ BUSINESS ENTERPRISE and presently, we are working on our website where customers can place orders and pay online directly which is 55% complete.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Well… Business is a game of risk. So stop thinking of the possibility, just do it. You won’t know until you do. While you are still busy thinking people already do what you keep thinking about and they are making it. And before anything, put God first and be religious about it. I’m a Muslim. I pray very well and do my things Islamically. I believe if we put religion in everything we do, we will surely succeed. Then they should know what they want to venture into very well before doing so.

CEO of Da Elementalz Business Enterprise.
CEO of Da Elementalz Business Enterprise.

Do you think Nigeria is good for business?

Wow wow!. That is an understatement sir. Nigeria’s economy can never be consumed by businessmen or businesswomen. Just get your marketing strategy right and you are good to go.

What do you want people to remember you for?

My uniqueness.

Do you think people need to hear about stories like yours to be motivated to do stuffs?

Well… I’ve always being a motivational speaker and an orator. So why not ? Like I said – I love impacting lives.

How can people contact you?

If my story can change lives, I will be super happy. My active line is +23470-6822-4976

Paschal Offordum, CEO of BrandGroom

Paschal Offordum is a law graduate from the University of Ibadan. He helped establish TEDxUI while in the University and has contributed to the University society while at school. The selfless services he rendered at school helped him to establish his business Brandgroom. Brandgroom is a digital agency whose services range from social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation and marketing, graphics, personal branding and other PR services. InterviewStories presents Paschal Offordum’s words with us and how he started his journey.

Who is Paschal Offordum?

Well, I like to think of myself as a passion-driven entrepreneur charged with the mission to help humanity achieve her best by maximizing and managing the resources we have been given by God without consuming negatively affecting others.  I have come to understand that almost all the problems we face on earth revolve around resources whether under-utilization, over-utilization, non-utilization or greediness in the utilization. So I help individuals and businesses on their bid to attain their potentials or mission. Apart from that, I recently signed up with a Fintech firm to learn more about the financial market and the future algo-trading. I hope to share my experiences through my blog and social media posts. You see I have  great interest in tech too. So in a nutshell, you can say I am a blend of media, tech and entrepreneurship

What does your company Brandgroom do?

As the name reads ‘Brand-groom.’ The grooming of brands. Brandgroom is a full-scale digital agency charged with the mission to help other businesses and social enterprises achieve their mission by providing them with the necessary contents and tools to tell compelling stories. So our services for now range from social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation and marketing, graphics, personal branding and other PR services. You could visit our site to know more.

Tell us your experience setting up this digital media firm?

It was an interesting experience, of course with the challenges that comes with starting a business. Brandgroom started off as a more practical follow up of TEDxUI. After the first TEDxUI we organised, It was discovered that the event inspired a lot people and there were positive feedbacks, one of which was the increase of the students in active citizenship through starting up non-profits to solve problems. However, it was discovered that the non-profit model is not very sustainable in this part of the world if one really has to go far since many of them depended on donations and shut down after months of not getting any. So we came up with the idea to help these early-stage organisations and others, to develop sustainable business models at the best affordable cost while we worked closely with them.

How does what you studied in the University help in the running of Brandgroom?

Having a legal background I think is an advantage as I think differently and analytically before making some crucial decisions. Though one would not expect me to say that studying law actually made me embrace the beauty of knowing of the rules before breaking them.

What problem(s) are you solving at Brandgroom?

At Brandgroom Media, we are bridging the resources gap that exists when starting up a new business especially in Africa. In line with the SDG 17, we help businesses to create and effectively utilize digital resources and contents to increase their revenue

Paschal Offordum, CEO of BrandGroom
Paschal Offordum, CEO of BrandGroom.
Do you consider yourself a leader or a manager at Brandgroom?

I have always seen myself as a leader whose heart resides with the people I serve

Have you made decisions that you regretted making as the CEO of Brandgroom?

Well, I have always made decisions and always made mistakes. At least that’s one of the ways we learn. However, I do not think I have really made a regrettable mistake as I have always seen our mistakes as avenues to learn and iterate where necessary.

Who is Paschal to Brandgroom staff?

Staff? Lol… I do not think we have staff here. I think of our people as a tribe of great minds with a common purpose, one culture and a passion to create solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Using terms like staff and the likes makes business look like a war against your competitors. But that’s not what we are here for. We are here to provide the utmost value by providing the best services to our customers. We are here to make our mark and put a dent on the Universe.

Paschal and other team members
Paschal and other team members
Who is more important to you as the CEO of Brandgroom your staff or your customers?

My team is more important. I see them as part of a whole. It’s just like asking if I will add value to myself before offering value to my customers. Its always a YES as I cannot offer a value I do not have. I believe that If we are able to get things right inwards and they feel great being part of the Brandgroom story and culture, then we will have better value to offer to our customers

What milestone(s) have you achieved at Brandgroom since you started in 2018?

Well, we are still a startup and hope to keep that startup mindset all through. Though we have won a lot of local and international recognition including the Youwin competition by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Next 100 startups of Africa sponsored by the current AU Chairman and President of Egypt; H.E Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. Within this period, we have also registered our business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are also working on a major product launch but I choose not to mention it.

How did you source for fund to start Brandgroom?

We bootstrapped.

How has pioneering the TEDxUI Club affected your life positively?

Hmmm…TEDxUI. I think it was the first major project I started from the scratch. So it exposed me to the skills of hiring, motivating, creative strategy, firing and a lot of other skills. The most important is that i learnt a lot about working with people. And through hands-on experience i learnt the difference between a leader and a manager. It taught me how to think globally. It was in one of our event that i heard the concept ‘global common’ and a lot of other global issues.

Paschal at TEDxUI
Paschal, Ken Nwadiogwu, Speakers and other Team Members At TEDxApata

What motivated you to establish the TEDxUI Club?

Motivation? I cannot exactly say there was a specific reason but I know I was uncomfortable with how our youths lived a sort of programmed life; school to church and back to hostel. And of course parties and stuffs like which I believed doesn’t draw us close to the pace of technological revolution happening in today’s world. I bowed out of Student Union politics around 300 level for some reasons but then i knew i have to find a way to be useful to the University.  Though I was an executive member of Sigma Club. But then i still felt i could offer more to my community. I just needed more meaning to life which was actually why i left the seminary.

In my thirst to do more, i came across the TED platform. Though i was very doubtful if i will be offered the license but then i got it. It should be mentioned that we borrowed and levied ourselves to hold the first TEDxUI conference. Forward to this day, i am proud that what started with some elements of doubt and lot of challenges, has now turned into a strong institution in her third year of leadership. Having a lady as the current leader is also significant.

Can you tell us difficult decisions you had to make as a student leader while in the University?

I made a lot of difficult decisions which of course i learnt alot from. Being the Sigma Chief then, I must confess i had difficult times screening or sending people out of the Club. You know, its kind of hard when a night before a meeting, you were having great conversation with a Sigmite and then the next morning he commits an act that demands immediate expulsion from the Club. You have to make the decision because its your call If the tradition of the organisation must live.

I also made some tough decisions as the TEDxUI leader where i had send out some people. I think one of the toughest i made was staking my integrity to borrow a huge amount of money for the first TEDxUI event. I remember that very day when one of our staff advisers kept asking me, ‘Chief, are you sure you can afford to pay back this amount.’ Are you sure the sponsors you are expecting, will still show up? I was between staking my integrity and launching this project in UI. Luckily enough, the river didn’t swallow us.

Do you think every entrepreneur or business person needs to participate in politics?

Lol…Yes, indirectly. Because you have to vote competent leaders. But actively, no. People have passion. Let them stick with that. Both worlds are very different but similar. I have seen people who were highly successful in politics but when they entered business, it was catastrophic. Even within the business environment, there are people who will perform well as Vice or assistants but put them at the head of affairs and such organisation will collapse.

What makes an entrepreneur to stand out among others?

Well, personally i think your passion to solve a problem will always make you stand out. Your passion has to be contagious and evident in everything you do. Even when the going gets tough, you can change your route but not your destination.

Do you think everyone needs a mentor?

Mentorship? Well, at some point in life, we are meant to be mentors or mentees to someone whether we like it or not. Be it your son, your colleagues, friends or budding leaders. But these days, i think it has been misused to some extent. By the way, mentorship do not have to be physical. There are types of mentorship; serendipitous, hands-on and so.

Do you have mentees and how have you added positively to their lives?

Hmmm…this is one of the things i run away from. I have never seen myself as a mentor as i believe i am still on the journey just like everyone else. However, I am readily available to offer any help I can, when possible.
I have mentees but as I always tell them: I don’t see myself as a mentor as I have a lot to learn. Infact, the more I learn the more I discover I have a long way to go.

How much do people appreciate their leaders in Nigeria?

Your questions are hard plenty ooh. If you mean political leaders, I think most people do not appreciate their leaders. But, i think people are beginning to appreciate leaders generally especially religious leader. Come to think of it, most people are more likely to believe their pastor who probably has no background in Economics, If he predicts a fall in devaluation of naira/a political happening than they will do, when an economist in government says so

What do you think is the solution to Nigeria woes?

I think most of our problems in Nigeria is a mindset problem. From politics, poverty, education e.t.c  Even most of our leaders have the mindsets of followers. So its just like a blind man leading another blind. You know i read somewhere that the Lion is not the king of the animal kingdom because he is the biggest, or the fastest, or the scariest, or the smartest. But because of his mindset. The Lion wakes up and sees an Antelope, and what comes to his mind is food! The Antelope sees the Lion and thinks ‘the eater!’

Where do you see yourself in twenty years time?

I hope to have helped half a billion people achieve their life’s mission, whether directly or indirectly.

What skills do you think every entrepreneur needs to acquire to successfully build their brand or businesses?

I think number one skill is perseverance. It has to be part of you to be patient to learn the ropes even when you have failed or are faced with challenges. I like to see entrepreneurship as a mindset and a way of life. So you need to learn from every process. I will be sharing my story at TEDxAjayiCrowther University on the 27th of April, 2019, I will be talking about embracing failure and adopting a growth mindset. I hope your subscribers come around if possible.

Do you think education in school is enough for youths in Nigeria?

I think you know the answer to that. But to add more to that-Education came from the Latin word ‘Educo- to lead out.’’To develop or evolve from a latent or potential state.’ Formal education is just a tool to expose one to the possibilities of what we can do in life just like our first family helps introduce us to the world and teaches us the basics of mingling with human beings while we figure the rest, ourselves.

Were you an entrepreneur in school?

Yes, I was. I had my first business in 200l when i ran a messaging portal; . Its funny how time flies. I used to go round the University to paste adverts of the services i offered,  with Demi; a friend of mine who now runs an online education platform;

How can student entrepreneurs raise capital for their businesses?

Apart from the many funding opportunities available today, I think the best way to start is to bootstrap. It gives you the opportunity to even learn how to manage funds before getting outside investors. You can also get help from family or friends if you have any. Those days of Saharasms, i borrowed laptop from my friend; Demi to offer services to my customers. Even when my laptop was stolen, i had to go back to friends again to keep using their laptops until i bought a new one, months later. One thing i learnt within that period is the value of valuable friends. If you are an entrepreneur and you have loafers as close friends, forget it, you can’t win them.

Paschal After Winning FOPA Selfless Contribution to a Worthy Cause Award In 2017 At University of Ibadan.
Paschal After Winning FOPA Selfless Contribution to a Worthy Cause Award In 2017.

How have you given back to society?

Lol…The whole of my life and activities have always been about giving back. From pioneering the TEDxUI, leading as the Sigma scribe and Sigma Chief at Sigma Club University, Pioneering TEDxApata, Brandgroom and The African Circular Economy Forum. Each of them has been about raising/inspiring leaders that would solve problems or solving a particular problem for society. You know sometime last year, someone called to congratulate me. I was surprised because I was sure I didn’t win any lottery. I am not even a bet person. So  he told me that it wasn’t about money but that the leaders that succeeded me as TEDxUI President and Sigma Chief respectively, were both nominated for the prestigious JCI FOPA award.

How can people get across to you?

Anyone can always reach me on Linkedin, Twitter or personally via or

Do you support what we do at InterviewStories?

Yes. I mean I had to check out your site when you reached out to me for the interview and you are not doing bad. I appreciate your efforts towards ensuring that the knowledge and experiences of people are available for others to learn from. Thank you for having me.

Entrepreneur Edoka Idoko

Edoka Idoko is a Nigerian who is a change maker. He is a business strategist and an entrepreneur by passion. Born and raised in Northern Nigeria, he has developed himself to be a man whose service is required by thousands of Nigerian.

We at InterviewStories were able to hear this great man story. He is a man of great business experience.

Can we meet you?

My name is Edoka Idoko, Educationist by training and entrepreneur by passion. Born into the Family of Mr./Mrs Idoko, third child out of eight. Born and raised in the ancient city of Kano, schooled in Benue state university and currently resides in Lagos.

Who is a business strategist?

A strategist is one that defines the end from the beginning, then develops a road map to the targeted goal. I see myself as a business strategist.

You happen to be the founder and CEO of Nigeria’s leading online food store What Made you venture into online food store?

I’ve been active in agro-commodity business for about 3 years prior to the birth of and my drive is to close the gap between the farmer and the customer. I believe this will boost business for the local farmers in our rural areas.

What problem did you have in mind to solve when you started

I am passionate about helping small businesses succeed and yes I strongly believe that with the help of Technology, the customer living in, for example, Texas in the US should be able to shop from mile 12 in Lagos or any other part of the world. We are working on this and we will make it happen.

What challenges did you experience when you started

Funding was the major challenge I had when I started


Funding is the act of providing financial resources, usually in the form of money, or other values such as effort or time, to finance a need,

How are OjirehPrime Financial Services  Limited and related? 

We started in Nov 2016 from a faulty Samsung tab whose battery lasts only 30mins and by 2017 after one year in business we noticed 96% percent of our customers made payment via bank transfers, we sent a mail to them all to enquire why and the response was

sorry we can not expose our bank card details.

Note:You can’t withdraw money just by knowing an account number.

It is the quest to address this problem that gave birth to OjirehPrime and even at that we had no idea we were stepping into Fintech until we launched the card. Today both companies are separated as Ojireh Versatile Trade solutions Limited (e-commerce) and OjirePrime Financial Services Limited (Fintech).

How did you start OjirehPrime?

Upon our quest to build payment solutions for our customers which lead to the birth of OjirehPrime card, we realized about 65% of Adults in Nigeria and an estimated 25% of the Adults in Africa do not have a bank account. This discovery opened our eyes to a bigger problem that needs an urgent solution. This discovery confirmed to us why online businesses struggle in Nigeria and Africa at large. Reality is If online businesses would grow in Africa, then Financial inclusion must be a top priority this is where our vision of banking unbanked Africa was birthed.

OjirehPrime card is not connected to your Bank BVN and can be used online and on ATM
OjirehPrime card is not connected to your Bank BVN and can be used online and on ATM

Have you solved the problems you wanted to solve when you started OjirehPrime?

We are on a mission to drive financial inclusion in Africa, it is a long walk but we have taken the first step in the right direction.

OjirehPrime ATM card
OjirehPrime ATM card sample

Can a minor get an OjirehPrime card?

Yes, under the supervision of parents or guardian. The card would help parents teach their children financial management.

Team Behind Ojirehprime

What did you learn being a Fintech company CEO?

Learning to me is a continuous process but I would rather use the word “discovery”. If you ask me, I discovered that if we don’t drive financial inclusion is a major bedrock for any economy to grow.

Can I use my Ojirehprime card anywhere apart from

Sure, from ATM, POS, online and globally.

Edoka Idoko, a change maker
Edoka Idoko, a change maker

Who is an entrepreneur?

Anyone who has a mix of Passion, guts, risk and willing to fail forward is an entrepreneur.

What is the most important skill you do not have that you have to pay for in your company?

I can’t code but it’s fine.

What do you think about competitors?

I don’t notice them, I keep my eyes on my goal.

Why does your company stand out from others?

OjirehPrime card is not connected to your bank account, it does not require your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and can be funded from any bank.

Have you ever reconsidered being an entrepreneur?

Yes, it gets tough somethings but we have to keep pushing. We’ve gone too far to turn back.

Should student entrepreneurs be given grants to support or start their businesses while in school?

Sure yes. The earlier you start the better.

What do you regret not learning or knowing while in school?

Corporate finance. But am learning fast on it.

What do you think about partnership or collaboration?

I am a strong advocate of partnership and collaboration. That’s the fastest way a startup and scale up.

Have won an award?

Yes. was awarded top 100 emerging SME’s in Nigeria by Connect Nigeria in partnership with Union Bank

What advise do you have to the struggling youth in Nigeria?

It is possible. Do not give up as there is no award for a man that gives up. Go after your dream 

How can people contact Edoka Idoko?​ or 08065490731

Missing Spoons

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Missing Spoons


Most of us use spoons to eat our daily meals except swallows. But do you know the most valuable cutlery is the spoon? While we see it as just a spoon, we most times do not value the spoon that feeds us.

While many people might think that there are other alternatives to spoons when they are missing, the convenience you experience when using a spoon is second to none. Some of us will rather use spoon for most of our meals than other cutlery like Knives or Fork. Asians might not be using spoons as much as they use their chopsticks but collect the chopsticks from them and the discomfort they will experience without their chopsticks when using other cutlery might not be bearable to them.

We need to start valuing what we have no matter how small or insignificant it may be. Small drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Without the small drops of water, there will be no ocean. There are quite a lot of things we do not value or appreciate. This is because we have seen them as part of us. Take these things away and we will start appreciating them.

Why You Need To Value What You Have

Company leadership might see some employees as too expensive and decide to fire them or make them leave the company to get another staff member to replace this so called expensive employee. When this so called expensive employee leaves the organization, the company begins to feel the effect of this employee and perhaps it may be too late for the company.

Students are usually best at a particular course or subject. If the student decide not to read or study this particular subject, it will prove fatal to the academic success of such student. The student will probably record the lowest score he has ever gotten in that course because of such negligence.

Just as we need to value our spoons because without them difficulty will arise when we feed ourselves, we also need to value ourselves by regularly exercising our body. People rarely take care of their health unless they have fallen ill. While we all use our spoons for food, we never wish to fall sick as we do not wish to use our spoons to be fed by others or use our spoons to take drugs. You can also take care of your health by not exposing yourself to insect bite. You can read more about protecting yourself from the insect bite by reading this interview.

Adeshina Adewumi,COO for Proville

Adeshina Adewumi is a serial entrepreneur who sees opportunity in every problem and has a strong passion to help businesses grow.Adeshina commitment is to inspire, build and coach young entrepreneurs to build profitable sustainable ventures. He is a highly sought after leader, author, speaker and business consultant. He is the author of “Giving Back”; a book that emphasis the need to have a balanced social, business and academic life while in the university.

Adeshina Adewumi is a first class graduate of Accounting from Bowen University,Osun State. He is a Fellow Royal Society of Arts (UK) and member; Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network). He is a strong promoter of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

InterviewStories conducted an interview for Adeshina Adewumi. You can also read about Chidi Nwaogu.

Who Is Adeshina Adewumi?

Adeshina Adewumi is an entrepreneur who reflects the virtues of every African entrepreneur willing to make an impact within their community. An entrepreneur and management consultant with over 7 years experience working with multinational companies and also building solutions for Africa and global communities.

“I love to call myself the business doctor who is always ready to help identify solutions to makes ideas and businesses scale.”

I’m currently the Chief Operating Officer for Proville and have had the privilege to Cofound several businesses among but not limited to Regina La Meilleur Limited, Regalo Kitchen and Confectionery Limited and One Kiosk Africa. Each of these companies have received  several local and international recognition, awards and shortlistings among which include but not limited to Top 100 fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria (Award by Business Day Media and Bossman Nigeria), 100 African Startup Initiative (Program by International Finance Corporation- World Bank Group and MICC Egypt), Y Combinator Startup School Batch 2018, Pitch and Win by Sterling Bank and EDC, Lagos Business School (First batch 2019), 6 Top African Startup by Africa Com 2018, Top 30 African Tech Startup by Accenture 2018 and Future of Work Awards (Flexible Working Category by Royal Society of Arts UK).

How has your university degree helped your businesses?

My background as an accountant having studied Accounting during my undergraduate degree has contributed meaningfully to my business. One of the key metrics of measuring business success aside social impact is profitability (revenue, users etc). This has a lot to do with numbers and the survival of every business lies in her ability to make effective decisions with the numbers. Accounting as a first degree has helped a great deal even though I rarely practice now on a commercial scale.

Tell us about Regalo Kitchen and Confectionery Limited that you co-founded?

Regalo Kitchen and Confectionery Limited was birthed in 2015, although it was officially registered in 2018 in Nigeria. Regalo Kitchen started out providing catering services for busy working professionals and corporate organisations. Between 2015 till date, they have been able to service notable companies among which include but not limited to Guaranty Trust Bank, Paystack, Paga, Stanbic IBTC and Ag Leventis Nig.

In 2018, the company decided to include a social enterprise strategy in order to contribute meaningfully towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria and thus help reduce unemployment and underemployment. In 2018 alone, the company was able to train over 150 candidates with various catering soft skills to launch out into entrepreneurship through her Regalo Master Class. Regalo Kitchen and Confectionery Limited emerged top 100 fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria for 2018 (Award by Business Day Media and Bossman Nigeria).

The next milestone for Regalo Kitchen is to introduce the Uber Eat model in Nigeria in a refined way to meet the needs of the market and also expand her training facility to train 100,000 youths and women with various soft skills by year 2023.

How was it starting your first company?

Starting my first company was rough, I was poorly informed and prepared for the journey. Just fresh out of school having tested the waters of buying and selling back in school with great success. The bigger market however was a totally different base to operate. My first company was Regina La Meilleur Limited which I incorporated in 2012 with several products among which included Home Tutors Nigeria, RLM Network among others. We have gone through several stages of iterations and finally got a product market fit while some products scrapped and some up for sale with some investors

Did any experience or position you held at school made it easier to solve some problems that you have encountered since you have started?

Interesting question, I have always taken up several leadership roles where I have been privileged to serve so obviously they have all added up in helping me lead and see through project executions. For example, I could remember heading the Academic Committee in my final year for the accounting department and the impact our work had on the outcome of results produced that year. My opinion is that every opportunity to serve one way or the other adds value to you for higher responsibilities

Did you ever thought of getting a government job after school?

Well, government job never really crossed my mind but I wanted to work within a structured multinational firm in order to give me the basic knowledge and network for my entrepreneurial journey and yes I did get that opportunity with Stanbic IBTC within the short period spent with them.

How easy was the transition from the University into business?

As stated earlier, It was rough initially due to little or no solid foundation (capacity development and funding). Capacity development and funding are key ingredient that makes a difference in the life of every entrepreneur especially in Nigeria with all our uniqueness.  The average Nigerian youth or student has got great ideas that got potentials for success, however they lack the capacity and funding to see it through.

Capacity development has to do with basic solid knowledge, requirements to start and make a business succeed. The ability to get a product market fit and talk to the market to know the viability of the idea and then how to secure funding in terms of finance to run for the period of little or no revenue flow

What do you do as COO for Proville?

As the Chief Operating Officer for Proville, I saddled with three (3) tasks; effective day to  day administration and operation of the company. Maintaining our brand equity that builds opportunities for investment, collaborations and partnership and lastly drive revenue for the business through effective coordination of all stakeholders of the company. These three tasks contributes majorly to business growth and success.

What service(s) does Proville provide?

Proville from the name stands for Professional hub or Villa. Our flagship product; connects professionals with clients who need their services. We act as a bridge to close the demand supply gap that exists within the professional or would you rather say freelance niche in Africa.

So let’s say you need a web developer for a project, all you need to do is go on and post your project and budget and wait to receive offers from our pool of professionals. The same applies to all professional services and once you are ready, you assign the project to the best fit professional freelancer with assurance that all payments are done through our escrow model (a secure payment option that avails you security and you only part with money when you are satisfied) with the service you have received.

How frequently do people use Proville?

Proville is used on a daily basis with several jobs started and completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some jobs or projects however takes long time frame but you can be rested assured that jobs are always ongoing.

Why is Proville better than her competitors?

Our competitors are the likes of Upwork, Freelancer, Findworka, Workdesk, Tera Work, Asuqu and several others. Proville however in Nigeria as a freelance platform has the first mover advantage as we have taken the lead in educating and sensitizing the public on the viability of freelance platforms like ours as it aligns with the Future of Smart Work across Africa. We also collaborate with the vision of International notable societies such as Royal Society of Arts (UK) towards advancing flexible working options in Nigeria and Africa.

How are you able to manage being a cofounder of 59 One Kiosk Africa Limited?

Success comes with more responsibilities and little time for self if not well managed. Time management plays a vital role here and luckily the team are very effective and organised. Also we are in project mode with launch date set for June 2019

What does 59 One Kiosk Africa Limited do?

One Kiosk Africa; was birthed to introduce a develop model to eCommerce in Nigeria and across Africa. We are an eCommerce business with a different business model that ensures that goods and services are delivered within 59 minutes to the customers while creating employment along the e-commerce value chain. Our solutions has the potentials to create 100,000 jobs by December 2019 given our set projections.

Most of these companies are online, how important is one’s business being online in the present world?

First of all, I always love to say that any business that cannot leverage on technology one way or the other is not ready for a sustained business over the next five (5) years. Technology has to do with the net and as such every business need to align accordingly. Brick and Mortar stores would still be essential but less active compared to online channels within the next 5 years.

What problems have you encountered as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs first major challenge is finding a product market fit for their idea. This takes quite a lot of our time and once found we then move on to the problem of scaling the business. There is also that challenge of having a work life balance as everything at the beginning seems to rover around you.

This challenges can however be shortened by talking to your target market during design, development and beta stages of your solutions. Building partnerships, collaborations and opportunities for investments and lastly delegating power or would I rather say empowering your team to work effectively with or without you

What  do you want to tell  young entrepreneurs that are just starting?

Talk to your sample market audience, do not be afraid that your idea would be stolen, I believe in the school of thought that there is nothing new under the sun. Implementation and execution makes the difference. Get mentors, do not be discouraged when you get a No, a yes is just around the corner and never give up on yourself. The world needs your idea and solution to materialise, give returns and make social impacts

Do you advise students to try their ideas or start ups in school or wait till after graduation?

Well, I would suggest they can start building capacity early enough and thus they can test their ideas while in school as long as they are able to manage their time well. Most renown business were birthed when their founders were within the university age bracket or in college. So it’s a very good time to start building capacity and test the viability of your idea or solution

Do you advise people to drop out to pursue their dream?

I would usually not support dropping out of school to pursue your dream, however my counsel would depends on various factors. A lot in changing within the educational sector and how people learn and grow, I try not to emphasize  too much of academics but education (which for me the later is continuous as we keep learning and growing). Ideas or dreams as you called it has a way of clouding your mind, it literally feels as though all your life depends on it and nothing else counts.

This feeling is what every entrepreneur goes through and that’s why you see people drop out or resign from their jobs to start that idea. This feeling must, however, be very well managed and decisions are taken objectively with the right foundation laid (Knowledge and Capacity). This question is a very broad topic that cannot be discussed in full here, those interested can reach out to book a session with me.

Do you think entrepreneurs needs mentors?

The answer to this question is quite similar to asking if a tyres need air? If you want to go far, you must have people you can inspire you and support you out of their wealth of experience. Having a mentor is not rocket science, it’s a deliberate art.

Any special skill entrepreneurs needs to be successful

Tenacity is one skill that I would suggest for all entrepreneurs, it produces patience and commitment against all odds to succeed. The entrepreneurial journey is not a straight road, anyone that tells you its a straight road either has not gone through it or is lying.  There are however principles that guide success and once applied with tenacity the result shows itself.

How can young people who will love to ask you questions be able to contact you?

This question makes it look as though I am old. I am very young in mind and age. Readers out there can however reach out to me via LinkedIn (my most active platform)- or ajadewumi on any social media platform. You can also mail me directly at , I try to respond to all my emails.

Passive Interest From Treasury Bill In Nigeria

Treasury bill is a popular term in business, but many do not know about how to invest in treasury bill. Many people have a lot of money that they are currently not using, yet they have never heard about treasury bill. A lot of people who have a little money that they are not using do not know this because they lack access to the information about these investment opportunities. While investing in other people business is a good idea. It is to be noted that a lot of businesses fail in Nigeria after three years.

Many businesses started from borrowing from friends and family members. It is believed that Aliko Dangote started his business by borrowing from his grandfather. But do you know that borrowing without collateral is the riskiest form of business you can do? Most times when you borrow money from others you do not think of adding to the initial capital because you see it as a favour. But when you borrow from banks, you know that you have to pay huge amount of money to the financial institution where you are borrowing from.

While many people are not after getting interest from the money they borrow or lend others, they want their money to be useful to the economy. And so in a bid to provide this information to Nigerians who have a little money they have staying idle in their banks, we present the option of treasury bill to the average Nigerian.

But do you know that borrowing without collateral is the riskiest form of business you can do? Most times when you borrow money from others you do not think of adding to the initial capital because you see it as a favour.

But when you borrow from banks, you know that you have to pay huge amount of money to the financial institution where you are borrowing from. While many people are not after getting interest from the money they borrow or lend others, they want their money to be useful to the economy. And so in a bid to provide this information to Nigerians who have a little money they have staying idle in their banks, we present the option of treasury bill to the average Nigerian.

While many people are not after getting interest from money they borrow or lend others, they want their money to be useful to the economy. And so in a bid to provide this information to Nigerians who have a little money they have staying idle in their banks, we present the option of treasury bill to the average Nigerian.

Facts About Treasury Bills You Do Not Know

Treasury bill is a short term zero risk investment that extends for a maximum of a year. Treasury Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide short term funding for the government. You can borrow government the money for 91 days, 182 days and 364 days. Treasury Bills are sold through a bi-weekly auction conducted by the CBN on Wednesday’s.

Official dealers can help one to invest in treasury bill. The easiest and safest official dealers are banks. Most times when you use your bank as your official dealer, the money you want to invest in treasury bills are usually deducted from your bank account that you have with them. Interest from the investment is added to your bank account.

The minimum amount you can invest in treasury bill is a hundred thousand naira only (₦100, 000). This might seem small. You can also invest your millions too. To determine the bid rate, you must be able to borrow government at least five million naira (₦5, 000, 000).

The bid rate is also called STOP RATE . It is the likely interest rate that you want to receive for the principal that you investing in treasury bill. Only those that want to invest high can determine bid rate themselves. The CBN selects the bids that fall below the accepted marginal rates.

For more information about treasury bill please visit your bank. You can also read more on

Make A Decision Today

We all make choices every day of our lives. These choices may be good or bad. But one thing is certain, we all make decisions. Decision making takes place every day when we have more than one choice to make. Waking up early is a decision that many people have to make in other to survive or excel above others. Some other people make decisions to always stay up till late at night.

Why is decision making important? This question is one that we might not have thought of before but the question might prove difficult to answer because we never thought we can be asked this question. The question is not one that has a universally correct answer. Decision making like the name suggests is about making decisions. Some people make decisions because they feel without making them their lives might be worse than the present state they are. Others make decisions because they want to move forward. Some other people make decisions because they feel they can not just sit down and do nothing. But the most popular reason people make decisions is that they want to take charge of their life.

Most successful people have made the right decisions at the right time a lot. Businesses have failed all because of decisions. But why is decision making so important in man’s life? It is because God has given man the chance to choose. We have heard of people who converted a single opportunity they got and became highly successful. Some other people have regretted the decisions they made not because they made those decisions but because they believe they could have made better ones.

Having an idea is great. Making a decision to make that idea come to life is better. How one manages the idea to blossom is a major decision people have to make. Who benefits from the decisions we make? We benefit from the decisions we make most of the time. This is why most people believe allowing God to guide us will make us choose the best. Just like every military general wants to win every battle he fights. He has the chances of winning at a minimal loss, winning with heavy casualty and not doing anything. While few military generals will want to lose a battle, it might sometimes be the best choice to make in other to win a war. A battle is just a small fragment of a war. Surviving to fight another day is paramount to some mission.

While many people see bonanzas and promo done by business owners as a means of shortchanging the seller. The seller sees it as a way of getting more prospective buyers that will become their regular customer in the long run. The decision to make loss initially by these businesses may,in fact,t yield the best result the business ever wanted.

InterviewStories have decided to make some important decisions. Decisions that will benefit the society at large. At InterviewStories, we have decided to help business owners get more publicity, we have also decided to help motivate startups and business owners who are just starting. We have also decided to tell people’s story to encourage them to make better decisions in the future.