Why You Should Attend The 20th AVMS UI Dog Show

AVMS dog show graphics

Studying Veterinary Medicine is a thing of joy to anyone who loves animals. It is profitable and enjoyable for them. For those not in Vet, there is nothing more entertaining than seeing different pure dog breeds that are well taken care of competing to win in the specific category they are competing in. Judges judge the dogs based on the following dog attributes balance, weight, size, eyes, ears, head, muzzle, whiskers, teeth, tail, shoulders, legs, coat, colour. InterviewStories got in touch with the Chairman of a this year’s AVMS dog show with theme Titans Amongst Pets that will be held at the University of Ibadan on November 30, 2019. 

Can we know you?

I am Lawal Harmony Olaoluwa, a 600 level Student of The faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan. I am also the AVMS Dog Show Chairman of this year. The dog show will be held on Saturday, November 30, 2019.

The theme for this year is Titans Amongst Pets

What is AVMS and why are you having a dog show?

AVMS Stands for Association of Veterinary Medical Students. The Dog Show has been going on for the past 19 years now. It was coined to:

  • Educate people on what Veterinary Medicine means.
  • Increase the interest amongst the Nigerian populace in keeping pets e.g Dogs. 
  • Showcase various breeds of dogs to the public.
  • To show the public what these pets are capable of doing so the notion of ‘aren’t they just dogs’ is changed.
  • This show brings various brands together for them to advertise their various goods and services.
  • Lastly, it serves as a fundraising strategy for the Association
Dog winners at a dog show in Nigeria
Pictures From The Last AVMS Dog Show held at University of Ibadan

What makes Veterinary medicine unique?

  1. We having to provide care and medications for beings that won’t give us anything for it or can say thank you.
  2. These animals that we care for can’t tell us what is wrong with them with their mouths, we must find out with our various diagnostic measures. 
  3. Different animals with their distinct anatomy which most times make medications different between species.
  4. Our Profession cannot be overlooked because one thing is for sure, the world would never stop eating meat, which means we must keep making sure food animals are fit for consumption.

Why only dog show for 19 years and not other animals?

  •  The manpower and workforce that goes into it.
  • The university’s calendar and Vets work scheme doesn’t allow for so many activities.
  • Funding of such events.
  • Dogs are known to be the most accepted pets in Nigeria.
dog present at a dog show in Nigeria
A Dog At A Previous Dog Show

How will a dog show increase the interest of Nigerians about keeping pets?

It would increase interest by

  1. People seeing that these being are actually smart, smart enough to feel, to follow Instructions etc.
  2. Seeing how lovely and cute some of these breeds could be because of many people now by Dogs because of how physically beautiful they can be.
  3. Interest would be built when people see that these pets are very loyal to their owners. The notion of them being fierce can be channelled to them just protecting their territory and owners.

Can anyone have a pet animal?

 Yes, you can, you will just make sure you have the space, time, money and patience for it. You must be patient, kind, caring. He or She ust be able to find time, have enough space and be financially capable to own a pet.

big dogs of Nigeria
Big Breed Dog On Display At The Last AVMS Dog Show

Breeds of dogs that you know?

We have two basic classifications of breeds. We have the big breeds of dogs and Toy breeds. The big breeds are often more security inclined while the Toy breeds are more sort for because of their cuteness and how beautiful they can be. Toy breeds can also be security inclined but if you need a security dog, I will advise such persons to go for the big breeds.

AVMS Dog Show Graphics For 2019
Graphics of the upcomming dog show

Where will the event be held and is attendance free?

Cricket Pavilion, University of Ibadan. Date and time are Saturday 30 November 2019 from 10 AM-5 PM. Attendance is free for the public. 

How can my dog be part of this?

By just buying a form of ₦2000 at the day of the venue.

Dog At The Last Dog Show Of AVMS
A dog part of the 19th Dog Show of AVMS, University of Ibadan.

Benefit to the dog owner?

The dog owner gets to be educated on ways to care for his dogs. He and his pet gets a souvenir and those dogs who win their various categories goes home with Branded Gifts and medals. There will be refreshments for owner and dog also, owners get the opportunity to meet intending breeding partners for their dogs

Dog And Dog Owner in Nigeria Picture
Dog And Dog Owner in At The Last AVMS Dog Show

What should the audience expect?

  People should expect various side attraction, raffle draws also dogs will also be carrying out several tricks

What improvements are you making to make this year’s version better than previous editions?

There will be more publicity and more side attractions.There will also be an award session for our dedicated sponsors.New breeds will be paraded on the event day. Sponsors are opportune to discuss with dog owners.

Dog Present At Last Dog Show
Titan Amongst Pets

What dog breeds are usually the most common in Nigeria? 

The most common breeds of Dogs in Nigeria are 

  1. The ‘Local breeds’ of Dog in Nigeria which are known as the Basenjis.
  2. German Shepherds 

Why are they common?

Why?… they are relatively cheaper to acquire but the German Shepherd isn’t supposed to be cheap, these breeds have just been ‘adulterated’, the Pure German Shepherd breed cost up to about ₦ 250, 000.

University of Ibadan Student carrying a puppy
University of Ibadan Student carrying a future Titan

Why should I attend the programme?

  1. You can use the program as a means of relaxation.
  2. You should attend the program because there would be a lot to learn.
  3. It would help build your interest in our 4 legged human loyal friends or decide to go into the Pet or Dog business.
  4. There is a lot to go home winning from our Raffle draw.
  5. Come and be wowed from the tricks some dogs would carry out.
Dog Show To Be Held On November 30, 2019
Title of this year dog show is Titans Amongst Pets

Advice to University of Ibadan community?

I advise UI community to be careful about the kind of meat they buy and eat. Many diseases can be contracted from unhygienic meat. Tuberculosis is the most important disease worldwide.

 I also advise the UI community to take good care of their pets. They should get one today if they can afford it. Lastly, come for the Dog Show Event happening at Cricket Pavillon on the 30th of November, 2019.


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