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AYNigeria On Air Personality with Voicefm 89.9

Ayodele Brown Akande, popularly known as AYNigeria, Ekiti State-born On Air Personality, Event Host/Compere, and Project Enthusiast and Developer is a top Influencer in Ekiti State. AYNigeria has hosted several National Events including the First Lady of Ekiti State’s Book Launch held sometimes in 2019. He also hosted the International Youth Diplomacy Conference 2019 held in Ghana recently. Here is the story of AYNigeria as told by him on InterviewStories.

Can we meet you?

My name is Ayodele Brown Akande, popularly known as AYNigeria. I am a passionate Nigerian Youth who uses his voice as a tool of Mental Revolution and an On Air Personality with Voicefm 89.9, Ado-Ekiti.

I featured on General Issues As a Member of the Intellectual Gang. AYNigeria is also known as the Love Doctor and Pastor on Radio amongst many other radio shows I anchor.

I am a Human Resource Management Associate that recently got awarded an Ambassadorsip after my appointment as the chairperson-peace Corp iYDC, which came after representing Nigeria in the International Youth Diplomacy Conference held in Legon, Accra, Ghana. I also won the Award of the Best & Most Informed Delegate in a conference attended by over 30 African Countries in 2018.

Am also the C.E.O of a #MadeInNigeria Fashion Conglomerate known as Justified Clothing’s & Fashion Conglomerate ( A 5 PARTNER FASHION TEAM).

AY Nigeria is a prolific speaker (ToastMaster)/author/orator/compere who has spoken and won awards in various institutions like FUNAAB, FUTA, and many others.

AY Nigeria is a Multi-Gifted Entrepreneur, Agric Consultant, Idea Merchant and a Critical Thinking & Situation Analysis Expert.

AYNigeria an OAP in Nigeria

Tell us more about one of the Sustainable Development Goals you are currently involved in?

I recently launched an initiative AY Nigeria Goes to School which aims at spreading the message of Zero-Rape and Gender-Based Violence amongst secondary school students all over Nigeria, starting From Ekiti. I had visited 15 schools so far, and I hopes to raise a gender Balanced and rape free Generation.

What are the good and the bads involved?

Impact made is basically the good. The joy you feel from the Feedback and the fact that you know you’re contributing your quota in ending societal ills.

The Bad is in the fact that there’s little or no support from anywhere. The best you get sometimes is ‘thumbs up’ on your social media posts. A lot of people also misinterpret your intentions, they consider your help as a form of a ploy to dupe them, one way or the other.

And the big bad for me is that most times, even your team members desert you and you’re left to keep pushing the dream alone.

 Juggling between so many Professions, as an OAP, Event Host/Compere, Public Speaker and Project Initiator, what can you say about Multitasking?

From my experience, Multitasking is a gift that can be learnt. It starts from the mind. Your mind must bear the ability to handle stress and stay positive. Enlarging your mental scope to bear and handle a lot of responsibilities is the key to Multitasking.

Another way to multitask is to increase your expertise. When you can do many things efficiently, then it’s going to be easy to do more than one thing at a time.

What motivated your NGO?

I don’t have an NGO yet, it’s still an initiative for now. It’s about knowing yourself and what you can handle. My schedule is pretty tight. I am involved in many developmental projects and can run an NGO efficiently. However, the war against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence amongst kids must continue, but we are still running it at an Initiative level.

My motivation is in my story.

I have a rape story and I know how much it almost messed up my life. Seeing its increasing in society now and mostly amongst kids, I decided to raise my voice against it. I am one of the few men that is doing this. I enjoin more men to join this Campaign, adding our voice will go a long way in effecting a change.

What advice do you have for young minds out there?

 To the young ones out there, I will say, know thine self. For in knowing thine self shall you discover purpose.

 You can contact AYNigeria using his contact details :


Facebook Page: Twitter Page: Instagram Page:, Linkedin page:

YouTube Page:

Adebowale Oluwaferanmi, president of Rotaract Club of Felele, D9125

A lot of organizations are contributing to the society. One of those that are giving value to people in the society is Rotaract Club of Felele headed by Connect President Adebowale Oluwaferanmi Shakirulahi, a student of Mathematics, University of Ibadan. InterviewStories met with him and he talks about the club, why he joined the club and what he he has achieved with the club. He talked about his interest in Agriculture and also why he is studying Mathematics in the University.

Can we know you?

I am Adebowale Oluwaferanmi Shakirulahi, the President of Rotaract Club of Felele, Rotary International District 9125. I am also a student of Mathematics, University of Ibadan, a Red Crosser and an Agroprenuer (an entrepreneur that focus on Agriculture).

Rotaract Club President
Rotaract Felele Club President

What is Rotaract about?

 Rotaract is an International youth humanitarian Service Organization. It has now been elevated to Rotary Partner in service. It consists of Professionally minded individuals of age 18-30 years. Leaders who are ready to develop individuals around them, their community and the world at large.

Rotaract Felele Club Logo

The purpose of Rotaract is to provide the opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in their personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities and to promote better relations amongst people worldwide through a framework of friendship.

Oluwaferanmi donating blood at one of the programmes organized by Rotaract
Oluwaferanmi donating blood at one of the programmes organized by Rotaract

The Goals Of Rotaract are to:

  1. Develop professional and leadership skills
  2. Emphasize respect in the right of others and to promote ethical standards and the dignifying of all useful occupations
  3. Provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of their communities and our world
  4. Promote for working in cooperation with sponsoring clubs Rotary Clubs
  5. Motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary.

How did you know about Rotaract and what prompted you to join the organization?

It was through Rtn. Engr. &Mrs Famade. During the establishment of Rotary Club of Ibadan-Felele. Then, I was sponsored for a program in Abuja, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). During the Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program, I was introduced to what Rotaract and Rotary do at large.

Rotaract Training Members How To Make Sharwarma
Rotaract Training Members How To Make Sharwarma

There are something’s that the club does that attracted me to the club. I was looking forward to joining ENACTUS in my University earlier but since I have been introduced to something more similar, I decided to be part of it.

What inspired you to be the president of Rotaract Club of Felele D9125 and what are your achievements so far?

Being the President was not my decision. It was the call to Service. Reason being been that, I thought I was not well equipped to be the President not until I was nominated and voted in as the Connect President. Every Rotary Year has its theme. The Theme for this year is: Rotary Connect the World. That’s what makes me a Connect President.

Handing Over Ceremony For Connect President Oluwaferanmi
Handing Over To Oluwaferanmi As President of Rotaract Club of Felele

The New Rotary Year started July 1st. To God be the glory, it is a wonderful call. And I’m ready to put all my possible best. I have been able to execute a project with my sponsoring club (Rotary Club of Ibadan-Felele) where the District Governor was present. We are planning for more project. Two of them will be coming up in August this year. The recent one held on August 10, 2019 where the club taught members and non members some online businesses, training of Sharwarma preparations and marketing .

What are the benefits of being a Rotaract member?

  • People at a Rotaract Event
  • People gathered at a Rotaract event
  • People who attended an event organised by Rotaract Club of Felele
  • Rotaract Members After A Training
  • Oluwaferanmi at an event

The benefits of Rotaract is beyond quantification, but I would give the nearest benefits.

  1. Rotaract allows youth to develop themselves Professionally, In terms of Leadership, Morally, Socially.
  2. It allows members to make friends wherever they find themselves.
  3. Importantly, it opens the door of meeting influential people that you can’t meet on a normal day. Once you can develop yourself and present yourself well to the extent that people find what they want in you, you are good to go.
  4. Rotaract can serve as an avenue to market your skills.
Oluwaferanmi at an event

How many districts do Rotaract have in Nigeria? What are the contributions the club have made to society?

There are 4 Districts in Nigeria.

  • 9125 (Southwest and North)
  • 9110 (Lagos and Ogun)
  • 9141 (Edo, Bayelsea, Rivers, Delta)
  • 9142 (Cross River, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, Anambra, Imo)

Many clubs function towards the areas of focus of Rotary International, which are Peace and Conflicts prevention resolution, Disease prevention, Water Treatment, Sanitation Basic Education, Literacy Economic, Community Development, Maternal and Child Health. Every Rotary and Rotaract Club are expected to work under this area of focus.

Why study Mathematics?

It amazed me when people ask why mathematics after hearing my line of action. I will say part of my source of energy came from Mathematics. Even when I did not know I will be studying Mathematics at the University at High School. Mathematics entails more than just the arithmetic seen by people. Mathematics model your thinking. And I believe through mathematics, I can study whatever I want to study again and become who I want to be. It’s just the beginning.

Why focus on Agriculture as an Entrepreneur?

It was something I am always eager to do when I was young and even now. With the help of my mentor Mr. U.K Gbadamosi, I have been able to deal well in Turkey Farming.

Tell us your experience as an entrepreneur?

I have been able to use the little knowledge and resources I have gathered to build myself. I do my farming every time I am around.  Most time when I’m not around, my younger brother takes care of it and my mother.

How were you able to raise capital for the business?

I started very small with little capital. But at subsequent time, my mother helps me with funds when needed. But I use my spare money most time.

Do you have a mentor and why?

Very well, I do. Mentorship gives guidelines. It channels your experience. It saves the time of wandering around in acquiring knowledge and experience.

Your first experience selling your products as an entrepreneur?

I had already set a price for my sales. But because of the conditions of the market and customers, I had to bring down my price. It was funny.

Adebowale Oluwaferanmi, a student of Mathematics, University of Ibadan
Adebowale Oluwaferanmi, a student of Mathematics, University of Ibadan

I am moving on in serving humanity. In this service, I render my leadership skill. I hope to continue in that even at my faculty level, University of Ibadan. I hope I’m given the chance to execute what I have to deliver. But for the future, may Almighty God lead my way.

How can people get across to you?

I am very approachable. People can contact me on Whatsapp 08074549841
Facebook: Adebowale Oluwalovemi


Busari Mobolaji Toheeb

Who are you?

I am Busari Mobolaji Toheeb, a final year Physics Education student at the University of Lagos. I’m from Oyo State Ibadan to be precise, from a family of five with two brothers and two sisters, am a cobbler as well and a stylist with a styling brand ‘B-$TAR’.

Why cobbling?

Seven years back immediately I finished my secondary school from Global School of Science in Ibadan. I started immediately after my May/June WAEC examinations in 2011, I took the decision after staying at home alone after my WAEC. My dad told me to enrol for JAMB coaching but during the training, there was a particular building beside my coaching center which was a vocational training school for people regardless of your status, so I enrolled in cobbling together with a friend Paul. After my JAMB examination in 2012, I got admitted into the Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta to Study Physics/Chemistry.

While working on the admission process in November 2012, I couldn’t furthermore in the training due to stress and also my course didn’t permit me so I wasn’t given a certificate but I spent just 9 months on the training. I had learnt things like sandal making, leather slippers making and was about to proceed to shoemaking when I was hooked with stress in school so I couldn’t manage the two together and had to drop cobbling for school in the process.

Describe your barbing experience?

I enrolled for barbing training in 2016. My barbing experience since 2016 has been fantastic.

Is B-$tar your cobbling company?

No, I haven’t set up the cobbling company yet, because it requires time and money in getting some equipment, moreover, am in school but am planning towards that after school.
  • Student Busari Mobolaji
  • Stylist Busari

Why B-$tar?

The B in the name stands for my surname and my own name and for the star you know the stars are bigger and brighter than the Sun so that’s how I want my brand to be by God grace. What makes B-$TAR stand out in a crowd of competitors is that I do provide a Legendary Customer Service and treat my customers like royalty, even when there’s no need to. The belief that customer service only matters in the service industry is a myth. Another thing is that I do admit my mistakes and also fix out the problems, I don’t argue with my customers and these really help me to build a stronger relationship with them.

Why did you establish B-$tar

I established B-$TAR After my training to be self-dependent. I also wanted to train young people as well that are interested in barbing. Another thing is that the barbering industry is continuing to grow, with more and more barbershops popping up and it is definitely an exciting industry to be involved in! There is a saying that many people are familiar with and it goes something a little like this
if you love your job, you’ll never have to work another day in your life. We know that many barbers would agree with this statement and be able to list many reasons why they love their job and how it doesn’t feel like work. Choosing a barbing career presents many opportunities and perks that one may not have even considered. I know there can be doubts, concerns and worries when transitioning into a new career or even deciding what career path to take after finishing school. The main factors that normally arise when deciding on a career are the training options available, employability prospects and the challenges of the job. But to me, I can probably say there are many opportunities in choosing this career which includes:
  1. YOU WILL BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Bottom line, being a barber is a good life. The job offers flexible hours and rewarding work in a creative industry. Few trades offer as many opportunities to open your own successful business. There is a range of options in how you can be your own boss with a barber career. Some people opt to rent a chair in a salon and build up their client base, chose to work as a mobile barber or open up their own barbershop, where they can really bring in their passions and personality into their barbershop.
  2. BE A PEOPLE PERSON: Not many jobs offer the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. Barbers meet clients who have interesting stories to tell and you get to chat with people daily, which is perfect if you love people. Plus, you play a big part in making people look their best. You have the power and skills to give confidence to men by giving them a haircut that suits them and makes them feel great. Many barbers make good friends and contacts from their clients; your confidence and popularity will grow if you are a good barber.
  3. GOOD INCOMES: Most barbers make a decent amount of money; not only do you get your salary at the end of the week, you get your tips too. If you master your barbering trade to a top-notch standard and can create sharp and modern barber haircuts, along with providing an outstanding service for your client, you will see your tips increase. The potential of earning a good barber salary is high due to the different areas of barbering that is available to work in, whether that is running your own barbershop, being a mobile barber, working for a high-end barbershop or even a renowned barber brand. There is also the option to work as a freelance barber to work on photo shoots for fashion brands, music bands or any type of brand that requires a professional and talented barber. Once you establish yourself and build a credible reputation in the barbering industry, you can earn a lot of money.
  4. BARBERING CAREER TAKE THE JOB WITH YOU: Barbers can get good work anywhere in the world, as getting a haircut is a basic need and not a luxury one, so there is always a demand for barbers worldwide. If you want to travel and widen your horizons, barbering is a great choice of trade as job prospects are good all over the world.
    Obtaining the barbering qualification will also help you qualify as a skilled worker and increase chances of getting a work visa to enable you to work in your desired destination I think especially a country like Canada.
  5. EACH DAY IS DIFFERENT: It will be hard to find two days alike in barbering; each day is different and most importantly, each day is enjoyable. You’ll find most barbering jobs are so varied. You will have a range of clients asking for different hairstyles, which makes the job less repetitive and each day exciting.
  6. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A JOB: The lifespan of a profession is going to cross your mind when you’re considering a new career. There is no lifespan of a barber, once you work hard and continue to master your craft, you can work as long you want. Regardless of the economic situation, men will always need to get their hair cut, so there will always be a need for barbers.

Where are you located? Can you travel to other states to provide VIP service?

For the location, I’m working on a particular place in Oshogbo Osun state in which after my school I’m going to open it. Yes, my services aare open for all.
  • Work done by Busari Mobolaji
  • Work done by Busari Mobolaji
  • Done By B-$tar

Services rendered at B-$tar?

We barb the hairstyles
  • Home Services (Plus Extra charges) e.t.c
We also sell or can get you
  • Clippers
  • After Shave
  • Powders
  • Bumps/ Rashes Creams
  • Sporting wave /Pomade,Shampoos e.t.c

Has B-$tar affected your academics negatively?

No, as I said earlier you have to be dedicated and determined though it is not easy in life nothing good comes easy. You have to manage your time wisely anytime you are planning.

Tell us your experience so far in 3years

I can probably say I’ve learned a lot. Firstly, you have to humanize your business in the sense that while working with your customers. They tell you their struggles in life or lend you their ears on understanding your story. He not only listens but also records your stories. No matter how bad the day is going, the barber should smile, greet and thank customers when they are leaving in a way he creates a lasting impression. What better way to retain an existing client than to know their story and connect with them. The more you know about your customers, the better the connection. This not only leads to a long-term business relationship but also more referral or word-of-mouth opportunities.
You have to build a system to deliver experience and not just service because I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel most especially the adult customers. This is because the way you treats them will determine whether they will patronize you again or not, you deliver beyond a simple haircut, you’ve to make it livelier by discussing trends in the society or playing of music or movies. You also have to be patient with this job in particular because sometimes u might be busy throughout and sometimes, you might find it difficult to see a single customer… Just pray about it and trust me your journey believe me.

How were you able to raise capital to start B-$tar?

I started raising money with the help of an App called Cowrywise for like a year and also my parent supported me as well. The capital was not enough to start the business. I just had to make use of what I had then to set up the business. You know you’ve to start from somewhere.
B-$tar logo
B-$tar logo

What are the milestones you have have achieved at B-$tar

For the milestone I’ve had in my company to start with, for a business to grow, I had to set up an effective business model. A business model represents the methods you use to make a profit. Parts of a business model include operating procedures, marketing strategies, and cost structures.
In addition to this, another milestone is how to like Gain repeat customers because we’ll know that customers are key to keeping your business operating. To set customer milestones, I’ve to like to pay attention to both prospective and existing customers. This kind of customers helps my business to thrive as well.

What advice do you have for people who want to start their entrepreneurship journey?

My advice for people who wants to start their entrepreneurship is that they should Seek out a mentor, they shouldn’t be discouraged by slow growth, and also they should have a plan. In addition, they should pray often and work with a mentor. Surrounding themselves with others who can support them on their journey to entrepreneurship. Get clear about how to manage their money when they are not getting a weekly paycheck.
Stylist Busari
Also, they should value themselves more highly. Charge what they know they’re worth. They shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the fair value of their services because no one is ever going to offer them more than what they ask, so they might as well go for it. Lastly, they should surround themselves with people who are going to elevate them to the next level. They should also start programming their mind. Like meditation, affirmations, and watching motivational videos about how to manage their time and business. They should never stop learning, Keep investing in themselves not only that also keep their mind, body and soul in tip-top shape.

Do you think the education system in Nigeria makes a student better prepared for entrepreneurship?

No, because we all know that Entrepreneurship is regarded as the engine room for every country’s economic development because it is a sure way of generating employment opportunities, providing the needed manpower for industrial development, marketing and market factor growth, capacity building on the citizenry and resource distribution which are necessary paraphernalia for sustainable development. The importance of entrepreneurship education in any developing country such as Nigeria needs not to be over-emphasized and this is because Nigeria like other developing countries is faced with a high rate of graduate unemployment or underemployment as a result of poor trade liberalization and graduates inept ability for the global competitive labour market.

How can we contact you?

You can contact me on twitter handle @wilsonbeejay, on Facebook page Busari Mobolaji Wilson
For my brand on Facebook B_STAR HAIR CLINIC, ON INSTAGRAM: INVESTOR_BEEJAY_, FOR MY BRAND ON IG: bstar_hairclinic Email:

Adebiyi Peter, Creative Director At Petroyal Apparel

A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion. Fashion enthusiasts are synonymous to fashionistas. REAL fashionistas do not believe in trends. They create trends daily. Fashion enthusiast is a person that is obsessed with every art of fashion. Adebiyi Peter is a fashion enthusiast who always loves to share his story. InterviewStories had an interview with him where he talked about how he started the journey, how he has been able to overcome challenges and how he is waxing stronger in his desired field.

Can we meet you?

I’m Adebiyi Peter, a fashion enthusiast. The creative director of PETROYAL APPAREL. I am a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Mathematics (


PETROYAL APPAREL is a dynamic clothing company born out of passion and the need to change the narrative “clothiers cannot be trusted” and at the same time give quality service and clothing for individuals and cooperate bodies. It was established on November 6th, 2017. We thrive on our integrity and creative instinct.

  • Petroyal Apparel  English Dress
  • Native Made By Petroyal Apparel
  • Yoruba Bridegroom and Groom men
  • A Yoruba man dressing his Agbada

Why the name Petroyal Apparel?

It’s coined from Peter and Royalty. We believe our clients are royalty so we induce our belief in the name.

How did Petroyal Apparel start?

It was conceived in 2013 during my IT(Internship) days in Ogun state, on getting back to Lagos I enrolled for a wash-up training with a friend so as to put the “2013 strike” to use. That has been one of the best decision of my life because it brought my dreams from conception to reality. Since 2013 to 2017 it has been a series of training and mentorship and little business in between.

Why fashion after studying Mathematics in school?

I have always wanted to do something in the fashion line while in school, for example, fabric sale, clothing and accessories sale, third party agent for designers. But all didn’t work out for me. So I decided to start my personal brand/

Relevance of Mathematics in the fashion industry?

Yes! Mathematics have taught me accuracy and precisions which apply in my work. It has also helped to shape my mind to a large extent I can’t describe in words. I can’t imagine meeting some people without my educational background.

  • Designed By Petroyal Apparel
  • Work of Petroyal Apparel

Do you think it would have been better if you had studied a course relating to fashion in university than mathematics?

I think I would have done this differently but Mathematics has helped a great deal.

Can you leave Petroyal Apparel for a better offer from Mathematics?

There is no such offer.

  • Cloth made by Petroyal Apparel
  • Cloth made by Petroyal Apparel
  • Suit Designed By Petroyal Apparel
  • Native Attire Designed By Petroyal Apparel

What skills do you require at Petroyal Apparel?

Business skill. Creative and artistic skills. Strong detailing eye. Visualization. Integrity. Communication.

What skill gives you an edge over your competitors?

Integrity. We live in a world where words don’t match with works anymore. You see a display photo online, order for the product and on arrival, the product doesn’t match with the photo. How disappointing can that be? As if that’s not enough, the product doesn’t arrive at the agreed time. We make sure our product match with what was requested and time limit agreed.

How were you able to raise capital for the company?

I’m a very businesses oriented person and I’ve learnt over time how to multiple my token… Though I saved a little over #100,000 during service how far would that go to set up a fashion outfit in Lagos and also get the training needed… So what I did was to keep multiplying my token by increase value and attracting worthy clients.

Equipment and tools used at Petroyal Apparel?

Currently, we have 4 industrial sewing machine and an industrial overlock machine plus a manual machine for our new trainees and other necessary equipment.

How has technology help Petroyal Apparel?

Basically, social media has been helpful in the area of business models as it brought me close to some of the most decorated persons in the industry and also helped in terms of audience.

How do you get new customers?

Basically, it’s by referral, if you patronized us you will be willing to tell others, we are working on our social media appearance. Though I have made some sacrifice to attract some powerful clients myself.

  • A Customer of Petroyal Apparel
  • Another Customer of Petroyal Apparel
  • Designed By Petroyal Apparel
  • Happy Customer of Petroyal Apparel

What fashion styles or works can you do at Petroyal Apparel?

I have styled different weddings, make campaign uniforms for parties and cooperate firm and religious bodies. Going into runway fashion this year.

What are the problems you face running Petroyal Apparel?

Finding young people with my kind of passion and drive to work with

What should we be expecting of Petroyal Apparel in the next 10years?

Let me share my 5 years goals. I want my company to be a household name in Nigeria and launch out internationally. I also want to have at least 15 industrial machines and not less than 20staffs in a centered location in Lagos state. To be servicing 500 clients or more monthly, to reach a turnover of #15,000,000 yearly. There’s a structure in place. Application for loan is in progress

Advice for artists who hates school?

I tell new applicants at PETROYAL APPAREL how school have helped me shape my goals and aspirations. Education will make them see things differently.

  • Adebiyi Peter a mathematician who loves fashion
  • Adebiyi Peter, Creative Director At Petroyal Apparel
  • Adebiyi Peter, Creative Director At Petroyal Apparel

What motivates you?

Seeing my work appreciated and seeing smiles on my client also ability to create wealth for others

Your social media handles

IG: @petroyal_apparel, Fb: PETROYAL APPAREL, WhatsApp:
My contacts are +2347062176024 (WhatsApp) and also +234905 872 4821

What advice do you have for students still studying at school?

Look out for opportunities while you’re doing your duties as students. Be prepared for opportunities.

Tell us your worst and best experience while being the director of Petroyal Apparel?

The major factor in my life has been God because he has given a gift for witty invention.


My worst experience was the time I was sick and my staffs didn’t do a satisfactory job. The best experience is an everyday experience where the art got better.

Joshua Achonwa, creative director Jae Wilder Stylings

Many people do what they love doing but very few are the best at what they do. InterviewStories met a Stylist who also happens to be a student at University of Port Harcourt. Joshua Achonwa is an A-rated celebrity stylist and the creative director at Jae Wilder Stylings. He talks about how he got to be one of the very best at what he does

Can we meet you?

I am Joshua Achonwa,a final year Chemical engineering student at the University of Port Harcourt. Am from Rivers,Port Harcourt to be precise, from a family of 5 with 4 sisters, am also a designer and A-rated celebrity stylist with a styling brand “Jae Wilder Stylings”. I am an image consultant, event analyst and video stylist.

Image consulting is a professional field that aims to improve the image of the client personally or professionally through appearance, behaviour, and communication. It is the process of evaluating the effect of a person’s appearance on their professional image. Just making you look as you sound, the kind of person they expect to see, not when you sound differently and look differently. In music videos, for example, the outfits in the videos may speak differently from the lyrics, that’s why we are here to make it all right. Someone that analysis event gives you creative ideas and concept on how to go about your event. They offer intellectual ideas. More precisely, they tell you what to put in place to make your event better. A video stylist is someone who makes provisions for all the necessary outfits for a video shoot.

I love food and read a lot, I practically spend most of my free hours researching online. I sometimes do movies on weekends. Music is my drug I vibe to a lot of alte music, I’m a fan of Santi, prettyboydo and a couple of cool acts. My favourite colour is maroon.

Why study Chemical Engineering?

I actually always wanted to be an engineer, first I thought it was mechanical, I wanted to build things, wanted to create things, then I switched to petroleum and then I landed in Chemical Engineering. Here’s the Gist, back in high school I wasn’t so much of a chemistry student, in fact, I barely did good in chemistry grade. After high school I picked up the challenge, I sat and taught myself chemistry for 6months and ended up loving it.

Joshua Achonwa aka Jae of Port Harcourt, a stylist
Joshua Achonwa aka Jae of Port Harcourt.

What makes you a good designer?

Actually, my dad was a major contributor to my career he lives very much in me. I learned to love fashion as a growing up kid, I enjoyed watching my dad dress up, I enjoyed every aspect of seeing people look good. I started playing dress up as a young kid. Although through my teenage age the whole designer and stylist thing didn’t come to play that big, it was in my early University days I discovered I could fit things properly, I felt more, loved being behind cameras, I enjoyed the flickering lights, the shades and colours!

Styled By Jae Wilder Stylings
Styled By Jae Wilder Stylings

I knew that was what I wanted, I fitted in without stress, I match colours properly, I looked good without stress, I could tell when an outfit was bad, it was all coming to me, I felt it and then I embraced it, drew closer to the masters, and learnt the craft. I used to hang with Jason Porshe while he was in Port Harcourt around 2017. My first fashion certificate “A view in fashion” was gotten from a fashion school from Scotland . I study a lot and put so much into this craft. Am getting better daily.

What makes you better than other designers around?

Well, I think it’s the me factor. You can’t take that away, you can take the fabrics, the styling the idea, but the me factor makes everything even magical. Without me, everything wouldn’t be the same.

What makes one a celebrity stylist?

Well, when you’ve worked with more than 5 celebrities. Styled them on different occasions, worked with international brands I think at that time you are no longer local because your works go on different platforms and stages. You are international.

What does Jae Wilder Stylings do?

Jae Wilder Stylings is a fashion & image consultancy company and our services cover booking of outfits, styling of weddings, video shoots, pictures, event consultancy, fashion presentations and more. You could get to know when you visit us.

Jae Wilder Stylings
Jae Wilder Stylings

Why the name Jae Wilder Stylings as your company name?

I’m myself Jae of Port Harcourt tells the story of a young Port Harcourt boy that went on to conquer the rest of the world. The brand Jae wilder is a styling brand, very wild brand totally out of the box that’s the creativity level. It isn’t what you can possibly imagine.

Tell us your first time experience styling an A-rated celebrity?

My first A-list was Mayorkun. Funny as it sounds I didn’t believe who was on the other side of the phone. I remember vividly because it was my first breakthrough. The call came around 6:00PM. I was sitting outside, and a call came in “are you Jae Wilder?” I said I was, he said you are speaking to big Sam, Mayorkun’s manager I need you to come style Mayorkun for a show, “he forgot his backpack in Lagos”. He gave me directions and other info needed.

When the call ended I thought it was a scam, I had to call my friend because this was too big, at that time Mayorkun just released “mama” I didn’t know how to believe it. I called Mayorkun’s team in Lagos through the IG page to confirm if they were in my city and it was true they were in Port Harcourt and actually called me. I rushed up with my friend Mcwesley, we did the job. It was really a beautiful experience. When I get the calls now I just go through I don’t have to go through the drama I did the first time. The DMW team was welcoming and made me feel very much at home. I didn’t feel any nervous instead I felt great.

A-rated artist styled by Jae Wilders Stylings
A-rated artist styled by Jae Wilders Stylings

Which artist did you enjoy styling the most and why?

That has to be Broda Shaggi, he was really welcoming and funny. After the session, we sat with his manager Pastor Pharoa and had a very long conversation.

Broda Shaggi Styled By Jae of Port Harcourt
Broda Shaggi Styled By Jae of Port Harcourt

Must one be rich or wealthy to be able to afford or provide any of these services?

To do what I do will cost you time, resources, and sleep, but you don’t need to be wealthy. To afford my services you don’t need to be wealthy also, price ranges from students to high prolific individuals. It’s about finding your class and fitting into it.

Styled By Jae Wilder Stylings
Styled By Jae Wilder Stylings

How has what you studied in school help you in establishing yourself as an A-rated stylist?

Yes, in someways. School these days don’t give you the necessary skills needed to survive in the common world. It does not teach you how to pay your bills. But if you look deeply you would get to see that everything you need in life is taught to you from the sides of the classroom. For example I learned more on how to run my businesses from my entrepreneurship classes. We call it General studies(GES). I learnet a lot of business skills. Also there were times the lecturers cut classes short to talk to us about life. I did side jobs with designers to rise capitals. I even had a team I worked with while building a brand. They helped me raise capital from shoots and little events.

How easy is managing Jae Wilder Stylings?

Well currently I’m in my final year , it’s easier now. I have less school work you know. My personal assistant Miss Jenny handles any tedious work I have to do, my road manager Yemi handles my travels and movements. It has gotten easier with my team, but when I started it was more difficult.

Model Styled By Jae of Port Harcourt
Model Styled By Jae of Port Harcourt

Tell us about your worst day as a stylist?

My worst day actually turned to be one of my favourites. It was my day with Pryse and the electricity supply was constant at the studio we were to use, we got fuel just in case. The funny part was the power went out that day and the generator refused to come on. We struggled for 4hours but the generator just won’t come on. Finally, the power came back on but we were all already tired. We almost cancelled the shoot but I still insisted that it must go on. We started shooting around 9pm and ended around 11pm. The shoot turned out to be successful.

Have you ever worked and was not fully paid? What did you do after it happened?

Yes, the Chairman still owes me. I dust it off and moved past it. Recently they called me for a job and I declined. I knew full well I was the only one that could handle it and that’s why I declined. They were really hurt. They promised payment before I start working and all of that but once you play me, I consider you insincere and I don’t work with people who are not sincere.

What resources do you value most?

Time. You never have it back.

What values do you think are most important in the line of work you do?

Like I said sincerity. Don’t broker a deal you can’t pull off.

What motivates you?

My dad, I pray the angels keep him well till I see him again. My mum, she really wants to see me win. Of course for my sisters to be proud of me, my awesome friends and to everyone rooting for me genuinely. They are my true motivation.

How are you able to combine multiple jobs together?

Well I have an efficient team. I styled Perruzi and Broda Shaggi in one day but of course at different times. There isn’t anything I can’t do as long as I pray before leaving for the day.

Different shades of stylings by Jae of Port Harcourt

Do you plan to continue with Jae Wilder Stylings after school or the future prospects of chemical engineering?

Lol, Jae wilder Stylings would be here for a long time. It’s an award-winning brand you know, currently the next rated designer in Nigeria according to the South-South Achievers that held this year in Calabar.

Styling Being Done By Jae of Port Harcourt
Styling Being Done By Jae of Port Harcourt

How do you make use of technology to help your business?

Instagram has been helpful. A lot of my works are online. People bump into my works and want to work with me. Also, I’ve been featured on a lot of platforms.

How can people contact you?

@jae_of_portharcourt or contact me or call 08160489765.


Tolu Adelowo Chief Growth Officer of Cousant Connect

Very few Nigerians will leave the United Kingdom where they are comfortably paid for their jobs to and come to Nigeria to start a company in Nigeria. Tolu Adelowo is one of the few Nigerians in this category. Tolu is the Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Cousant Connect. InterviewStories had a session with Tolu Adelowo where he talked about how he started the journey and what he hopes to achieve with Cousant in the future.

Who is Tolu Adelowo?

Hmm… This is a difficult question to answer. I guess at any point in time, I feel both successful and also feel like a failure. I am probably intelligent and also probably very stupid. I am both confident and insecure. Essentially, I am constantly evolving as I learn about the world around me. I believe evolution is key to being successful in life.

One thing that’s constant though, is that there is this internal restlessness within me. This pushes me to keep achieving and keep asking what’s next. It is also a trait that worries me though because it means I am never satisfied or content. There will always be something more I can try to achieve.

Your professional journey.

Soon after graduating from university, I started with Accenture in the UK as a business and technology consultant. This was my first job out of university, and I really hated it. Maybe it was just me or maybe it was the nature of the projects I found myself, on but I never got the sense my work was contributing to a bigger goal or objective.

Tolu Adelowo a software developer
Tolu Adelowo a software developer

After I left consulting, I worked as a software engineer at a financial investment company in the UK which I enjoyed a lot. The nature of software development is that writing code and seeing it work gives you that sense of achievement that I crave in any job. I enjoyed my time as a software developer, and I knew my future would revolve around technology from then on.

After a few years as a software developer, I got restless again but this time around I wanted to try my hands on something bigger. This led me into entrepreneurship and was the trigger to me starting Cousant.

Is Cousant a startup or a company?

Every startup is a company so I guess we are both. But I would say we are still more of a startup than an established firm. If we keep thinking of ourselves as a startup, then it will keep us hungry and never get us to that place where we become complacent.

What is Cousant Connect about?

Cousant Connect is a specialized recruitment and outsourcing platform that connects employers to great technology staff. Cousant Connect is actually a product of evolution. Cousant started off as a software development agency building software for banking and financial institutions. However, finding and retaining technology professionals was always and still remains a challenge.

It always made sense to me that if there was a dedicated platform for finding technology professionals, then the job of finding good technology staff would be easier.

We never came across such a platform and so we decided to do it for ourselves. Given the early success of the recruitment business, we decided to slowly diversify away from our software development agency business and concentrate on technology recruitment.

Why should people join Cousant Academy?

In any game of football, it is safe to assume that the most successful players are those that know how to time their movement to where the ball would be. If we use football as an analogy for the IT Jobs Market, then the most successful IT job seekers would be those that can learn the right technical skills just in time for when employers need those skills.

However, without the right information, how would students/graduates know what skill sets to learn or which skillsets employers need? With Cousant Academy, our promise is that we will only train on those skill sets that are in high demand by employers. We use data from our recruitment business to create relevant and timely courses that helps participants learn those skills that will land them jobs.

What problems do you face in the daily running of Cousant?

A major problem we face as a business is late/non-payment of invoices by clients. It affects cash flow and hinders how fast we can move as a company. Invoice recovery is now, unfortunately, a core activity for our business and it is puzzling to me why this has to be.

Another problem we face is how to properly sense new opportunities in the marketplace. Our clients will always have problems that need to be solved but how do we properly structure the company to ensure we are hearing about these opportunities to solve client problems. Without being able to sense new opportunities, our business is not likely to last very long.

How would you describe the software industry in Nigeria, owing to your experience?

I believe the software industry in Nigeria is still in its infancy and there are still loads of opportunities. However, the opportunities are not in the obvious segments people think. For example, I don’t believe there are many sustainable opportunities for software practitioners to develop software from scratch to meet client needs. There are too many foreign alternatives that already meet these needs and we just don’t have the infrastructure and expertise to compete internationally.

However, there are huge opportunities for customization and localization of foreign software to the local market. Because of the huge infrastructure gap in Nigeria, many companies do not have standardized operations and as such standardized software from western markets will not fully meet their needs. This is a big opportunity for software practitioners.

Aside from running Cousant, do you work anywhere else?

No, I don’t work anywhere else. I believe focus is a fundamental ingredient for success

As an entrepreneur, what criteria do you look out for when selecting your team or staff members?

Attitude and resourcefulness. With those 2 traits, you can take over the world.

Having been on both sides, which would you say is better: Been employed or running your own business?

Statistically, you are more likely to live a more fulfilled and happier life as an employee. Statistically, you are more likely to fail and end up in debt or depression as an entrepreneur. It seems to me that being employed is a sure path to a happier life.

However, because Nigeria is fundamentally a poor country with an extremely high population, there is just not enough money to go around and so employees will always be underpaid until we become a rich country. However, an entrepreneur does stand a better chance of being wildly successful in monetary terms.

So my advice is simple. If you are single, run a side business alongside your job (as long as it does not take focus away from your job). If you are married, one person should be in full employment and the other in entrepreneurship. It is the best way to even the odds.

How did you raise funds to establish the company?

Cousant has been bootstrapped from day one. It is certainly the more difficult path to take but if investors don’t show up, you find a way to keep moving.

Are social connections important to the growth of a business?

Social connections are everything to a business. Every business operates in a particular market. A market can be defined as the network of relationships between buyers, governments, sellers, competitors, regulators, media, institutions, associations etc.

The businesses that are able to build strong connections within such a complex network of relationships are more likely to be successful. In fact, I dare say it is more important than the product itself sometimes.

In your option, how friendly are the Nigerian investment community to startups and small businesses?

It is a known fact that Nigerian investors are extremely wary of startups and small businesses. Small business in Nigeria faces many external threats that are powerful enough to sink any company in its infancy.

Having experienced these threats firsthand, I really do understand why Nigerian investors need to be wary. It is far more normal for small businesses to fail than to succeed. So investors have to do their very best to protect themselves and that may mean passing up on many opportunities to invest in startups.

However Nigerian investors do get it wrong a lot of times and therefore, their approval or rejection should never be seen as an indicator of the viability of your business. Everyone is just trying to make the right choices with limited information and limited resources.

Your advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.

I once took part in a game with a group of people where we were split into teams and each team was given a deck of A4 paper to use to build the tallest standing tower possible. Some teams were also given paper clips while some other teams also got staplers to help with their construction. Some other teams only received the deck of paper.

Interestingly, one of the winning teams that built the tallest standing tower was the team that only received the deck of paper without any accompanying materials.

The moral of the story – It is not about the resources you have but how you use your resources to build a successful business…

Eluwa Lucky, Director of Creazitiv Jingles- a Radio/TV jingle company

While many student entrepreneurs usually focus on ideas that are related to what they study in school, some take the extra effort to solve problems they have passion for. Lucky is one of these student entrepreneurs. Eluwa Lucky started STUHOSA with his team and have provided accommodation to many students in the University of Ibadan. InterviewStories met Lucky who talked about things he does and how he is contributing positively to the society.

Can we know you?

I am Eluwa Lucky, a native of Amafor Isingwu in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State am also currently a student in the Department of Music, Faculty of Art, University of Ibadan.

Am a songwriter, performer, jingle artiste and guitarist. I also profer housing solutions to students’ needs by working directly with landlords so as to give students who are in need of good accommodations within the University environs the best of service at an affordable rate.

The housing solutions for students was borne out of my passion to always provide solutions to problems wherever I find myself. Before deciding to start the Students Housing Solutions Agency (STUHOSA), I had seen how some students had been duped by some agents who collected so much money and ended up not even providing them with houses and this triggered the solutions proffering part of me. I started this agency to work directly with House owners on how best to offer students accommodation that would match their needs and still be affordable.

e. I started this agency to work directly with House owners on how best to offer students accommodation that would match their needs and still be affordable.

To the glory of God, I am also the Director of Creazitiv Jingles- a Radio/TV jingle company that creates both radio and TV jingles for corporate organizations, institutions, religious bodies and individuals for the purpose of advertisements, marketing and other needs. One major client of ours out of our numerous clientele is First City Monument Bank. Our jingles are created based on the client’s theme. After its creation, our clients have the legal rights to promote them on any platform. Our job is to create the jingles which are creative, simple and informative.

Creazitiv Jingles Logo
Creazitiv Jingles

Why did you choose to study music at the University?

Right from my childhood days, I discovered not just my love for music but my ability to compose different kind of songs. This made me decide to come to school to develop what I already have because personally, I see the university as a place where one goes to develop his or her potentials and not just a place where you go to study any kind of course just for the sake of study.

Eluwa Lucky, a music student of the Department of Music, University of ibadan.
Eluwa Lucky, a music student of the Department of Music, University of Ibadan.

Tell us about the housing solutions you provide for students.

Students Housing Solutions Agency (STUHOSA) is still at its early stage. I started it with some students of the University of Ibadan who I shared the idea of providing solutions to problems faced by students in securing good accommodation with. They saw the passion and today we are proffering solutions together. It started in November 2018. We are not up to a year. Interested students who are passionate about proffering solutions to housing problems and have some experience on it are chosen irrespective of age, class, department amongst others.

For now, we cover the University of Ibadan. We are working to spread our tentacles to other schools before the year ends. We have provided accommodation for over 20 students at the University of Ibadan.

Once a prospective client contacts us and gives us a description of the kind of house that he or she wants, we match their preference with what is available. If it matches we take them to the house for evaluation. After that, payment is made and the tenancy agreement is signed. Students are our primary concern other clients are secondary.

We just don’t visit every house we see, the houses we visit are houses that must be students friendly and provide the conducive environment for students to live in and also to study. Our prices range from ₦45, 000- ₦160, 000. Pricing is dependent on the nature of the house, location and the features of the house.

What can make a student to forfeit his accommodation or partnership with your organization?

Just like Wizkid said in one of his songs “…bad energy go far away”. A student who begins to show attitudes that are against the law and laid down regulations would have to dissociate from us.

What problems do you face at Students Housing Solutions Agency?

One of the problems faced is the unavailability of many student-friendly houses. A lot of houses in Ibadan were built without having students in mind. If more student-friendly houses are built, it will solve that problem.

Do you also help students to get the equipment needed to live comfortably?

Yes, we do but that is secondary. Our primary motive is getting them good accommodations.

What are the reasons why students like to stay outside of school?

Based on our discovery, students like to stay outside school because of the privacy they get as living in hostels do not fully offer one the kind of privacy they need.

Some students also prefer to stay outside school so that they could have enough room to run whatever business they want to from their homes as this is always difficult from the hostels

Do you plan to continue with Students Housing Solutions Agency after school?

Yes, I do. By the grace of God, Students Housing Solutions Agency will be in almost all the university in the South West in 5years time.

Which one is more important to you music or Students Housing Solutions Agency?

Asking me to weigh both of them is like asking me to choose between my body and my soul.

Do you have investors currently?

We are in search of investors who will partner with us to build student friendly houses. This will further alleviate the sufferings of students seeking good accommodations.

Is Students Housing Solutions Agency for making profit or is it meant to solve only accommodation problems which is a society problem?

I would say that it is meant to solve accommodation problems and also make profit. This is because every great man today is wealthy for every problem they have solved. We do not place our properties above our clients who are students as their satisfaction is our priority.

How does one contact Students Housing Solutions Agency for accommodation?

Prospective clients can call our lines: 08104229693, 08080212978.

What do you wish to tell students?

Students should ensure that they consider factors like comfort, security, cleanliness among other factors when they search for houses. They should only deal with trusted agents of which Students Housing Solutions Agency is one of them.

Eluwa Lucky an entrepreneur making money from solving problems
Eluwa Lucky an entrepreneur making money from solving problems

What advice do you have for students who wish to venture into entrepreneurship while in school?

They are on the right track. Let’s be sincere with ourselves, Nigeria has nothing for you my fellow youths. Know this and you will avert a lot of disappointment for yourself as you would have made up your mind to start something for yourself. And lastly, just ad the Bible advises “Do not despise the days of little beginnings…”

Eminence RapMachine

Different peope do different things. Ogunbowale Emmanuel is a student who makes a living out of entertainment. While many college students in Ibadan will know him by his stage name Eminence RapMachine, we at InterviewStories knows him as an artist that prescribes and cure illness with his form of entertainment, music.

Can we know you?

My name is Ogunbowale Emmanuel Gbolade popularly known by the stage name Eminence RapMachine. I am based in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. I am an Artiste, Actor, an Entertainer generally

Why entertainment?

I always wanted to become a medical doctor back then in secondary school all because I want to save life’s and help cure people with problems but I fell deeply in love with music and I told myself *”Why try to save people with obvious illness? why not save people with depression issues, sadness and all. Things they can’t take to the hospital”. Eminence RapMachine just love making people happy. I’ll say I’m still a doctor but music and entertainment is what I prescribe and cure you with

How did you venture into entertainment?

It all started in secondary school when I was about to write my WAEC in early 2016. A friend of mine “Banji” downloaded an application that you can make beats with and we started playing with it and rapping on the beats using lyrics of other rappers like Dagrin, Olamide, Lil Wayne until one day we tried to write our own lyrics and do some freestyles and it was not that bad so…we continued and turned it into a daily routine (writing more lyrics, challenging one another)

Until one day my best friend Ay_Lyon said to me,Emmy let’s go to the studio and record a song at first the idea sounded funny and crazy because I never saw my self becoming an artist but we recorded a song together titled Roll it. and since then I just couldn’t stop doing music and making people happy because I love the seeing joy on people’s faces whenever I entertain them or encourage them in my way

Tell us your first experience in the studio?

Wow…My first time in studio felt strange (I couldn’t believe I was recording a song). It was my first time in that kind of environment but at the same time, it felt like home in a cool way. I enjoyed every part of the session; from making the beat to recording to the producer complaining about the way we are recording like armatures. Very funny but I knew making good music and making people happy is what I wanted do for the rest of my life.

How did you acquire the name Eminence RapMachine?

Hmm… I actually gave my self the name Eminence. Initially my stage name was Emmyboy Wizzy then EmmyRocky but I sat down one day and remembered the Yoruba adage Oruko maa n ro yan meaning you live up to your name or behave according to your name then I started searching for a name that will at least capture what I want to become in life. That was how I came up with the name Eminence which means someone successful and well.

I went for a show where I performed and after my performance, people were like how come you are never tired on stage with that kind of crazy mind-blowing performance? then a fan answered and said that I was a machine. That was how I got the name RapMachine from my fans

Tell us about your latest work?

I dropped my first official singles this year January 2019 titled Fine Girls and BOTM(Beast on the microphone). Two songs at the same time. Crazy? I know. I just dropped another love jam titled MINE this month.

What inspires you to produce these songs?

BOTM(Beast on the microphone) was basically about how lyrically insane I am on the microphone portraying me as the beast on the microphone. So… It is self-exalting.

BOTM Design

Same as Fine Girls.I’m a very cute and attractive guy so ladies come after me all the time. That is what Inspired the song. So I called myself husband of all fine girls and made people realize that I don’t chase babes instead they rush me

For MINE … The inspiration behind it is an imaginary babe in my head I’m about to know. She’s the exact picture of the babe I’ll love to be with forever .So.. I’m basically letting her know I want to make her MINE and MINE alone

Is MINE your biggest hit so far?

Well… MINE is different from my normal kinda songs. It’s very calm and emotional. Plus it just dropped so it is still fresh and I still have a lot of better Sounds I’m yet to unveil. But no doubt MINE issa banger.

Track Cover for MINE Done BY Eminence RapMachine
Track Cover for MINE Done BY Eminence RapMachine

Do people appreciate music in Nigeria?

Recently, YES. Nigerians are starting to appreciate music but not as much as foreign countries, for now. That is why you see Nigerians trying to go international and their fans abroad are really crazy about them.

Tell us about your first experience on stage?

It’s really a funny one. It was a live performance with my friend sQ under a group named THUG. I was very very nervous facing hundreds of people mostly females ,I held the microphone like a church choir while I was rapping, I didn’t move that much on stage and the painful part was that I forgot my second verse out of fear for about 30 seconds. Thank God sQ covered up for me before I was able to remember but it was so much fun and experience.

Do you make a lot from music?

Well… I make a whole lot from music. I make a living out of music but if what you mean is cash the answer is NO. You know how the upcoming artiste’s life goes. People see you’re good even better than some Star so they call you to shut down their show and still don’t want to pay the way they know they should.

Lack of investors and Sponsors is really slowing things down but we keep pushing and hoping for the best.

What then makes you continue?

Passion. There are a lot of people out there that my song will heal their soul. If I stop now what do I gain. So I just keep going because I know it’s not all about the money it’s about healing souls and making people happy and giving then joy

Will you still be doing music for long?

Yes. For a very long time. I have a lot to do and I’ve not done 1% I’m just starting. Not just music alone but Entertainment generally.

Have you ever regretted doing entertainment or been disappointed before?

Hmm… No. Sure we have down times where you’re like God will this hustle pay? but all these things are expected. So whenever somethings happen, I just laugh because it is expected and not strange. I am not the first person it will ever happen to . I just focus on where I’m going and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

What advice do you have for upcoming artists?

Just keep it 100%. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing and focus. Don’t just follow the crowd. Be determined and prepared for anything that comes your way both challenges and opportunities because both will always come your way.

What mistakes should newcomers avoid in the entertainment industry?

Walking in the shadow of another artist and not having your own brand that is really YOU. You have to be unique in your own special way. Also, newcomers should not just take music as an escape route thinking it’s easy that’s why we have a lot of artists singing all sort of empty songs (the producers are the ones doing the job because we dance to their beat). New comers need to be sure Entertainment is what they’re really born for.

What makes your kind of entertainment unique?

Eminence RapMachine fuse different sounds together and I just do it my way and own it. So, if you listen to my songs you can hardly say I’m following one particular artiste or pattern of music. I’m flexible. I don’t do a one-way thing where all my songs sound the same

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

10 years time I see my self impacting lives with my music and entertaining people worldwide. Maybe even on a World Tour. Having millions of fans all over the world. Breaking records and winning awards and becoming a legend.

How can people contact you?

You can connect with me on IG @ , Twitter @ .You can also type my name Eminence RapMachine on Google to download my songs.And also watch my videos on YouTube and subscribe. Information about booking is on my Instagram bio


Numerous individuals are frightened of wandering into Real Estate business in Nigeria. This might be a result of the way that it is capital serious, the learning and data required to wander into it is a very much guided mystery to those in the Real Estate business. Loss of lives and properties while participating in the business is something that is areal hazard in the business in Nigeria. Likewise, numerous individuals are terrified of being cheated or as it is known being misled by the Omo Onile’s. We met a Realtor who happens to profit in this industry authentically. Baruwa Ibrahim happens to be somebody who knows a considerable amount about the business and he educates us concerning how he came to be known as Realtor Baruwa. His adoration for land caused him to procure this name. The Interview we at InterviewStories had with him goes beneath.

Who is Baruwa Ibrahim?

Baruwa Ibrahim is a goal driven person who is passionate about success and also impacting into the world. I am a property investment consultant, I help millennials, the working class and also high net worth individuals acquire genuine properties with high capital appreciation in appreciable locations.

Baruwa \ibrahimam also the CEO of Right Properties Nigeria. I consult for Novarick Homes and Properties, the developers of the first Solar powered estate in Lagos(Earls Court), Landwey, Veritasi Homes and Properties, Christal Homes e.t.c I also do digital and content marketing for startups and established entrepreneurs.

How and when did you start your venture as a real estate consultant?

A neighbour (Mrs Chioma) introduced me to a real estate marketing group (Billionaire Realtors Group) in 2015, they partner with several reputable real estate companies in Nigeria to help them sell their properties to potential investors. I made my research on the industry and later fell in love with it not because of the commission but because I will be involved in the process of making people’s dreams come true and also using my expertise to make the property acquisition process hassle-free.

When did you start being Realtor Baruwa?

The name realtor Baruwa came when I found my love and passion for real estate. During the course of my research, I discovered that a realtor is a person who simplifies the process of buying properties for the buyer which is my value proposition. And also since been popularly known as Baruwa, I decided to coin the name for myself Realtor Baruwa.

How does one get involved in the real estate business in Nigeria?

There are various ways one can venture into the real estate business.
You can be a developer i.e companies/individuals that develop real estate or a real estate consultant like me, helping interested buyers acquire genuine properties.

Another way is being an investor, whereby you purchase a property either for passive income or capital growth. Advanced ways like REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) also exists. I have a lot of articles addressing this topic on my website

Is it not expensive to venture into real estate consultancy?

I won’t say it is expensive, basically, as a real estate consultant, you need to invest time and money in gaining knowledge about the industry and also basic marketing skills.

A lot of seminars are being organized to train people to be a good real estate consultant. Some paid, some free. You can start small with less capital intensive marketing campaigns and attending free seminars. Then as your revenue increases, you can opt in for both paid seminars and adopt large reach campaigns.

Which do your customers do more, either own the property you sell to them or resell it as a means of passive income?

Due to the large housing deficit in Nigeria, customers are subscribing to own a home than buying rental properties for passive income. People now prefer to own their home than to rent even if it is within a rural community.

How do we know that your business is not fake?

Realtor Baruwa partners with reputable companies in Nigeria which are registered with the government. Eliminating the fears of buying properties with bad titles, litigations and other encumbrances. Right Properties is a consulting agency that connects the potential investors with these companies and financial transactions are between these two parties.

Ibrahim Baruwa is a Nigerian Realtor
Meet Realtor Baruwa

What tips do you have to first-time property buyers?

They should be on the lookout for two vital things. Which are location and the genuineness of the property they intend to purchase? Proper property search should be done to ascertain whether the property is owned by the seller and also if the title documents are not fake. In the case of investment property, they should investigate if the property has the potentials of value appreciation in a short time.

How much is the least one can have to buy a property?

It depends on the location. My farm area are all metropolitan areas ie areas with projected growth. Lands sell for as low as four hundred and fifty thousand naira(₦450, 000) in Sterling Courts located in Agboowa, Ikorodu, Lagos. In Ogun, Silverton Gardens Simawa sells for seven hundred thousand naira (₦700, 000).

Do you sell land in different states of Nigeria or you have some selected states?

My farm areas are Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ibadan, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Calabar. I also sell for some real estate companies in Dubai. The likes of Azizi, Damac and Vincintoire. A farm area is where/ the location a realtor operates.

What do you stand to gain from being a real estate dealer?

Real estate is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Everybody in the chain of distribution gets their own share of this wonderful investment vehicle. From the developers to the investors and also we the middlemen are not left out.

Apart from the area of revenues, incentives and emoluments, you also get to build your confidence. Honesty and Integrity are two important traits you must have as a real estate consultant, it will really make you thrive in the industry.

What are the risks that you take as a real estate dealer?

The risk associated with being a real estate dealer includes selling a property with encumbrance to an investor and this can be avoided by doing due diligence on that property which means ascertaining that the seller has the right to sell ie a rightful owner and also that the property has good title documents.

Realtor Baruwa at an event
Ibrahim Baruwa at an event

How do more than one person collaborate to buy a property?

This alternative way of asset financing is also referred to as joint venture or Syndication. A real estate joint venture(JV) is a deal between multiple parties to work together and compile resources to develop a real estate project. The key aspects that must be addressed before a JV agreement includes; the distribution of profits among the parties, capital contribution, management and control and also exit mechanism.

Why should people patronize Realtor Baruwa?

Realtor Baruwa delivers a world-class service in securing legitimate properties to potential investors and other interested individuals. I prioritize customer satisfaction and value delivery in all transactions.

Do you buy the land from Omo Onile?

Most of the properties I do market are owned by reputable real estate companies in Nigeria and not Omo Onile.

What problems have you encountered as a real estate dealer/consultant?

The major problem is potential investors, not having trust in you as a realtor. I won’t say it is their fault, probably they have been swindled before or heard stories of how people have been defrauded by unscrupulous real estate agents.

Thanks to the Nigerian government for promulgating laws that deals with any fraudulent land transactions and they are now stringent penalties for defaulters. That’s the main reason I market properties owned by real estate companies and if I want to sell for individuals, I would have done my due diligence.

Real estate education also is very low among potential investors as they disregard the investment opportunities in developing areas with the notions that these areas are not developed yet, waterlogged and have no prospects of development. I wrote an article on Land banking which has been an investment strategy most real estate billionaires around the world have been using.

How can students be involved in Real Estate?

Everybody wants something good, everybody wants real estate.
The main limiting factor is finance and it is more prominent among student as they don’t have a stable source of income that can finance a real estate investment.

Although, there are alternative options to finance the investment. The first one is syndication and it is an effective way for investors to pool their financial and intellectual resources to invest in properties than they could afford or manage on their own.

Real estate Wholesaling is another alternative option of financing. This is done by helping real estate companies market their properties to thier networks in exchange for a commission. The proceeds gotten from this will then be channelled into buying an investment property. A sales commission can either enable you the means to pay in instalments or outrightly depending on the volume of sales and property type.

What are the services you provide for prospective buyers that other realtors do not provide?

What sets me aside from other real estate consultants is that I take my time to align my client’s interest to an investment property. For example, a client might be interested in passive income over capital growth. I will advise this client to purchase a rental residential or commercial property rather than buying landed properties. I also provide and recommend educational materials to my clients to see them through a successful investment sojourn.

Do you accept cash or bank transfer for your transactions?

The financial transaction is done between the real estate company and the investor. And these companies have their banks accounts interested buyers pay into after filling the subscription form.

Have you committed any error that was hard to rectify since you started being a real estate dealer?

I will say no because as a professional you have to make smart decisions.
Not that I haven’t committed any error before, but not the ones that are hard to rectify.

What advice do you have to people with trust issues about real estate in Nigeria?

It is good to have trust issues with a venture you do not know much about.
That’s why I always advocate for real estate education. I do that a lot on my social media handles and website. It is hard to fall victim to fraudsters and other bad outcomes of real estate investment if one is well informed. Working with tested and trusted professionals can also mitigate the risk of loss of investment.

What should all prospective buyers consider before thinking of buying a property?

The first factor they should consider is the location. Location is very essential to every real estate investment because it is the factor that will determine whether your intended investment strategy will thrive or not. Let’s say you are planning to reside in a property with your family, you have to consider if the location has a good school district, recreational places, supermarkets and also of it is accessible.

Another factor to consider is the budget. Can they afford the investment property, if not do they have access to mortgage or other alternative financing options?

Have you ever had to deal with legal issues before?

No, I haven’t. Once you are doing your due diligence as a real estate consultant, there won’t be any legal issues. Even if it erupts, the verdict will be in your favour.

What advice do you have for finalist in tertiary institutions?

As final year students, they should all be thinking of their future and working towards being a 21st-century graduate. They should take an interest in developing vital soft skills, time management and interpersonal skills and also network with industry leaders.

What advice do you have for other students?

I started real estate consulting when I was in 300 level and I can say the skills and networks I have acquired have been helpful. They can also start very early so that by the time they graduate, they are valuable to the labour market. They can invest in Real Estate. If they don’t have access to personal financing, they can access the alternative financing option I talked about earlier. Syndication and real estate wholesaling.

What skills do you have that made it easy for you to manage your business effectively?

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing skills. These are vital skills every entrepreneur of the modern age most have. The world is online, your target market is online. How do you intend to reach them if you aren’t? Other skills I have include sales and prospecting skills.

What skills are you thinking of acquiring to improve your skills?

Basic financial skills like bookkeeping and also managerial skills.

Do you think every successful person needs to participate in politics?

No, we have people that are not in politics that are impacting the world with their philanthropic and innovative activities. So many foundations, academy and NGOs are coming up every day.

How can people acquire funds for their startup?

There are different methods to fund startups. If you can’t bootstrap, approach venture capitalist and angel investors. There are also many grants and funding opportunities online. Prepare your pitch deck and business plan and access those channels

What do you think is the greatest problem that entrepreneurs have?

I will say enabling environment. The business environment in Nigeria is not conducive for entrepreneurs. I will advise the government to pass bills that will create an enabling and conducive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive in.

Do you think every business must have a strong online presence?

Yes. The world is online and almost everybody has a smartphone.
You can reach your target market online either via organic reach or promoted campaigns.

What do you think the government needs to do to encourage more entrepreneurs in society?

Helping entrepreneurs start and thrive is a win-win situation for the government. Local businesses help support the tax base through businesses taxes and through the wages provided to employees. The possibility of workforce expansion and economic growth increases with more entrepreneurs in the country.

How can we contact you?

People can contact via phone /WhatsApp +2347087389600 and also via email –,

Website is
You can also follow me on different social media platforms
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Members of Hands on Top Club, University of Ibadan

Hands On Top is one the Clubs that helps students of the University of Ibadan financially and academically. InterviewStories had an interview with Quadri Hamsat, the Acting President of the Club. He talks about the challenges the club is facing and how they have been adding to the lives of students of the Premier University in Nigeria.

Can we meet you?

I am Quadri Hamsat, the Acting President of Hands on Top Club, University of Ibadan. I am a 500 level student of Civil Engineering, University of Ibadan.

Tell us about the Hands on Top Club

Hands on Top Club was formed in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ibadan in 2011 to assist needy students. It was during a structural design class in the Department of Civil Engineering, the lecturer in charge noticed that one of the usually lively students wasn’t that lively that day. He summoned her to his office to inquire about her affairs. Then he discovered that she hasn’t paid her fees and the deadline was just days away. Then he made a proposition that “since there are students who can actually contribute to helping pay her tuition in the class, he sought their opinion and they became the pioneer members of HoT Club”.

Is the Club registered?

Yes, it is registered with the school authority. It is only available in the University of Ibadan presently.

How was the Club structure formed?

At first, the membership of the club was mainly students of the Civil Engineering department. But the club has been of help to students from several departments since its inception. The lecturers from the Civil Engineering department funds the account of the club as well as the alumni. Also, we solicit help from prominent individuals in society.

Hands on Top Club Logo
Hands on Top Club Logo

Does that mean only Civil Engineering students benefits from the programme?

No, students from different departments have benefited immensely from the club. It is safe to say students from faculty of technology have a higher percentage but we have helped students across several departments.

About Hands On Top Club, UI
About Hands On Top Club, UI

How do students benefit from the club and what criteria does the club use to know who to help?

Students obtain the Request for Assistance form from the Executive of the club. We call such students to an interview where we interact with them to determine if they are really in need of the assistance or otherwise. The interview must be in the presence of the President, one of the staff advisers and available registered members of the club.

How do students then get to know about the Request for Assistance form of Hands On Top Club?

We send out a broadcast. Our major problem is our public relations and we are currently working on that. Also, other students who have benefited from the club do tell others.

What type of assistance does Hands On Top Club offer to students?

We offer assistance in the form of money, foodstuffs, academic materials and tutorials. It depends on the need of the applicant. If the applicant can afford to make a refund, it is highly encouraged because the refund can be used to help someone else. Our motto is Givers Never Lack.

Hands on Top, University of Ibadan Programme
Hands on Top, University of Ibadan Programme

Has the club been tricked by a beneficiary before?

We’ve never experienced such. But if such happens, such students will be banned from applying for the request for assistance from the club.

How can one be a member of Hand on Top Club?

The membership form is on sale currently and it goes for ₦500. The form can be gotten from me. It doesn’t have a closing date. All students at all levels can apply to be a member. Our basic requirement is being selfless in nature, being ready to help others in any way you can. We have a constitution and a guide for our prospective members and it will be given to them when they apply for membership. Providing financial assistance and organizing tutorials are our core values which every one of them has to keep to.

Hands on Top CLub Call For Membership
Hands on Top CLub, University of Ibadan Call For Membership

Are members eligible to benefit from the assistance provided by the club?

Yes, members are usually considered before non-members because we can easily confirm the Genuity of their case.

What plans do you have for the CLUB as the acting president?

Improving the public relations of the club. Setting up a standard tutorial for 200 level students of the Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan. I also plan to organize at least one session of Hi-peak seminar to improve the soft skills of the members.

What makes this seminar different from others organised by other clubs or society in the University campus?

We target improving the students’ morals. Also, we intend to improve the soft skills of students. Without being apolitical or religion biased. It doesn’t have a special requirement as compared with other clubs in the University. Its goal is to help as many students as possible without expecting anything in return.

What problems is the club currently facing?

Getting sponsors beyond the University community, we intend solving that by improving the public relations of the club.

How can people support the club on its mission?

By being a tutor with our Givers Class (our class for tutorials). Donating academic materials. Rebroadcasting the club broadcast messages. Relief materials ranging from foodstuffs to other things that can make students sojourn on campus a success. A mentorship program for students.