Mr Abioye Retires As Vice Principal Of OBMS Nigeria

Mr Abioye, Retired Vice Principal Of Oritamefa Baptist Model School

Mathematics is a major subject that people fail in school. The fear of Mathematics begins for people as far back as primary school. While some schools have to worry about the performance of their students in Mathematics during examinations, a school like Oritamefa Baptist Model School in Ibadan have a superman called Mr Abioye who uses chalk and markers to make more superheroes like himself. Mr Abioye had spent 21 years teaching Mathematics at one of the best 5 schools in Nigeria (OBMS) with about 100% pass rate in Mathematics in external examinations. He retired as the Vice Principal of the school on July 27, 2020. Here are what some of his former students have to say about him.


“A dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next level, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth”, or in this case, “tests”, Mr Abioye and his short tests 😂😂😂. “Wherever you find something extraordinary, you’ll find the fingerprints of a great teacher, Mr Abioye did the most. I could go on and on, He made mathematics fun, the class wasn’t complete without calling funny names,” Iya Caro”, ”Daddy Tunde” and the likes, He’s a reservoir of knowledge, thank you, Sir, God won’t forget your labour of love.
Ireoluwatomiwa Omotayo


Mr Abioye is one of the major reasons I am not scared of any maths problem, to be honest, he made mathematics much fun even with the countless morning classes we had.
I just want to wish him a happy retirement, more blessings always sir. Stay blessed.
Tolu Olaoluwa (Class of 2015)

The Best Teacher Ever.

Mr Abioye is more than a great teacher, he is a great man in every single way. He single handedly transformed my OBMS experience. He made me love mathematics with every fibre of my being. He wasn’t afraid to call me out when I was messing up. He wasn’t afraid to pull me up when I needed it the most. Ask most people who know him, they’d probably say the same. It’s concluded: He’s the best teacher ever–by a long shot! We all love and appreciate you Mr. Abioye. Happy retirement!!!
Ayo Okikiolu

Mr Abioye and his wife
Mr and Mrs Joseph Abioye

I never believed I could pass Mathematics until Mr Abioye taught me

Mr Abioye was one of my favourite teachers back in secondary school, a very diligent man…..his teaching style was unique, he usually made us laugh with the names he called us “mama Bomboy, baba Kofi” and others. He made me understand mathematics better because I never liked maths before meeting him right from my primary school days

For the love of Mathematics

Dearest Mr Abioye,
Thank you for being a teacher with radiating passion and purpose in all you do. Thank you for always looking out for students. Thank God for your graceful retirement. You were mathematics simplified. You articulated equations with life situations your students can always relate with. Life has brought me through many classes but yours had always been one to happily remember.
From: Olugbuyiro Success

Mr Abioye At OBMS


Good day, I am Fashokun Caleb, an ex-student of OBMS ( 2014/ 2015 Set).
When I look back at my secondary school days, one of the teachers I won’t forget is Mr Abioye and this is all due to the word DISCIPLINE. Then as a student, we saw DISCIPLINE as a form of punishment and saw teachers that make us partake in such activities like walking while kneeling, been beaten at the back of our palms, and a lot more, intending to instil DISCIPLINE in us as evil. But now when I later flashback about those times am been involve in one of the activities earlier mentioned, I smile and send words of prayers towards teachers like Mr Abioye. It is not that I was not among those involved in those forms of punishment, but due to the fact those things which we see as a form of punishment, are one of the things which make us distinct from our peers today and keep us at the top today.
Happy Birthday in arrears sir, wishing you more life and success in all your future endeavours, sir.
Happy retirement sir, thanks for being a source of blessing to people such as me. I appreciate your effort in my life.
Fashokun Caleb

Never had a better Maths teacher

Mr Abioye is a great mathematics teacher and you are bound to find math easy if you pay attention in his class. I wish my teacher a happy birthday and a wonderful retirement!
Iyanuoluwa Olawoye

Mr Abioye, Retired Vice Principal Of Oritamefa Baptist Model School
Meet Mr Abioye

He had a real passion for our success

Thank you for everything you did for us, sir! Thank you for your endless patience, motivation, and persistence which helped us become better students and individuals. You taught, not just what ought to be taught, but also what you thought we needed to learn. If student life is the period of sowing seed for the future, teachers like you are the perfect nurturer for those seeds. A teacher like you can never really retire. Even if you stop going to school, you will continue to do things that inspire kids like us every day. Your continued diligence to work in teaching us mathematics and making sure we left no stone unturned in our preparations (right from JSS1 second term) is second to none across the whole universe.
May every day and every moment of your life be fulfilling and full of joy, Enjoy your retirement and have more time with your family and friends. Best wishes to you on your retirement sir.
Olusola Ojewunmi

Mr Abioye is a Great Role Model. I wish him all the best
Oladayo Haruna

Mr Abioye, A Spectacular Mathematician

“Spectacular” because of the way he expresses and solves difficult mathematical equations with simplicity. You can never be in Mr Abioye’s class and not understand. Mr Abioye spurred my interest in Mathematics with his teaching methods… Happy retirement sir and wish you more happiness in the days to come
Samuel Olatinwo


Mr Abioye is a very diligent man. He works hard and encourages his student to follow suit. I was lucky to have been taught mathematics by this great man. I wish you the very best as you retire Sir.
Ayobami Osho.

Mr Abioye and Family
Mr Joseph Olutayo Abioye Family

A Great Man

I don’t think anyone would deny that this man is exceptional. Heaven knows how much of impact he has made through teaching. I find him so interesting because as much as he is overly passionate about his work, he is so funny and jovial. Relates well with everyone not forgetting his very modest personality. And importantly he has a gift for truly teaching his subject, bringing it to the barest literal term. I mean, his good deeds are never to be forgotten. God bless him Amen.
Otunla Emmanuel

Mr Abioye is a one of kind teacher

May God bless us with more teachers like him. He is the best and nothing but the best, he has a drive that will encourage you as a student to keep working and never give up on learning Mathematics. I love Mathematics today and know so much because of Mr Abioye. All his “Mummy Bobo”, “Iya Kudi”, always made me look forward to his classes. As you retire today, may God’s blessings abound in your life in Jesus name. God bless Mr Abioye.

Mr Abioye Got All My Respect

Mr Abioye taught me for 6 years at Oritamefa Baptist Model School. He does give me rides to school whenever I was going to school by myself. He made me aim higher, making me better each day like new wine. Thank you for the love, guidance and everything you did for other students and I. You are truly the real Mathematics superman whom we know will save the day.
Ifeoluwa OSENI